Friday, January 16, 2009

200th post

Oh my gosh...this is my 200th post! How time and words fly.

Today was errand day and thank goodness I checked some addresses before leaving home. Our Neighborhood Association is going to put some toppers on our street signs. It shows pride in our neighborhood and the toppers show the boundaries of our area. Our secretary came by last night to leave off the paperwork and show me the final graphic for the toppers, plus she needed a check. We talked for a while and she and her daughter are leaving for a cruise this weekend so I told her I'd take the paperwork down to wherever it needed to go. She was thankful to not have to mess with that task any longer and really needed the time to get her clothes ready. The address she had was different from an address I'd gotten from another lady from the city. I checked the maps for the closest and the one I'd gotten was closer, so off I went. The lady I needed to see wasn't in today, but I was told I could leave the paperwork with Rose, her co-worker. While talking with Rose I found out the other address is now a parking lot. There is nothing there any longer. So, I was very glad that I'd checked. I didn't get the scenic tour, but what a hassle if I'd gone there and didn't know where the other place was located.

We looked at new cell phones today. Enough said. I'm not ready to get into that right now anyway. The ATT store doesn't really have the "free" phones in the store. You have to get them on the web.

The cds of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and Houston Marchman I ordered this past weekend came today and oh I love them so. If you go to Amazon you can listen to Marchman's songs from his new cd "Naked" but not Iz's and that Lonestar website is really pretty cool. You have to go to You Tube to decide about Iz's. I'd bought, was given, or somehow wound up with Houston Marchman's "Blue Cadillac" cd sometime or other and it was in my car cd player. We would play it when going on a long trip and always liked it and finally I started looking at it to see who was singing. I really like him a lot. Actually I really like the voices of both singers a lot. I'm working on getting a cd player that will play several in the family room. I played the new ones on the dvd player, but since we got the HDTV we had to get an upconverting dvd player and my 5 hole dvd/cd player went to live with my daughter...dangit.

Oh yea....During the Christmas holiday rush and all I missed getting my hair cut and haven't been feeling too well since the first of the year. Today I got my hair cut and it seems soooo short. It will be better when I style it myself, but it has been a shock whenever I pass a mirror. Even my husband commented about it. Maybe the really "good" haircut was because I missed giving her a tip during the holidays. I had a card with some cash in it and gave it to her today. Maybe it should have been BEFORE the hair cut.

Pleasant weekend to all. It is going to be slow around here, so I can get some housework done. My daughter has been working terribly long hours this week so she will be resting a lot, bless her. She sounded so tired today when I talked with her for a minute or so. Maybe by Sunday she might like a meal or something. Her dad has a gift card to Johnny Carino's and since I'm on this weird diet he could take her for a nice dinner. He needs to use it before it runs out anyway, and some time together with her would be nice for him. He is becoming a real caretaker with his parents, and taking our grandson to the movies, and helping me. He is a good man.


  1. You know, I always got the free web cell phones and they were great. This last time I spent $20.00 for an upgrade and got a piece of crap phone that almost never bothers to ring! I just pick it up and am surprised to find that it sat on my desk in SILENCE all day while people called me right and left.

    I guess the plus sie is, I don't need as many minutes since I don't talk on my hone much!

  2. That's how I found Margarita, my current hair stylist! I had gotten this terribly short hair cut and awful color and so I went and there was Margarita! She fixed my color and then has helped me grow out my hair.

  3. WOW! 200 posts!!! Congrats! It took long enough to talk you into blogging - but now? Well... LOOK how far you've come! YAY!

    I hate going to look for new phones... I'm not happy with having my OLD phone back now though... so I will be knocking down the door to get my new one come November! I must admit though ... we have ALL become phone snobs... even Dennis who USED to always get the free one... he's moving into more gadgetry now! I like having my tunes on my phone and having all the different ring tones and such. I'd LOVE a Blackberry - but I won't go that far! I refuse to pay for internet on my PHONE when I have perfectly good internet in my HOUSE! I don't NEED to be blogging while I'm out and about! ROFL! What a WORLD we've become!

  4. Congratulations on your 200th!!!!!

    I'm having a poll over on
    Please come and vote! I need your opinion on this!!!

  5. My Bob loves Johnny Carinos. We eat there for lunch often. I got my hair cut last week. I told them to cut it short. I wish they had cut it shorter than they did. Mine is so fine I can't do anything with it long. Bob helps me a lot, too. It is nice to have someone willing to help out. I wish the people in my neighborhood took more pride in their places.