Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saying farewell to a friend

Yesterday we attended a memorial service for our friend who died just before Christmas today. She was ever thoughtful and I think postponed the get together so her death wouldn't be associated with the holidays. Her nieces invited everyone to come to Reata, a restaurant downtown. Her doctor talked about her courage in her battle with cancer and read a poem he had written about her fight. Others spoke of how we remembered her and they were wonderful stories. The nieces arranged for a buffet and drinks. Barbara would have loved it! We were in the geodesic dome on top of the building which is made of glass so she could look down on us and see how much she was loved. I will miss her, but am so glad we were friends.


  1. Yes, it is so hard to say good-bye. Today was my Uncle's Memorial service. I did the eulogy and it was so hard. Yes I cried. But my cousin (www/ Janet was happy with what i said and that made me feel good. It was also great to see my cousins.

  2. Sounds like she had a very nice service. I know you will miss her.

  3. To have never known the pain of losing a friend, is to have never known the joy of having one.

  4. I join in your prayers for your friend.
    Losing some one close is losing some part of yourself which otherwise added some meaning to your life.

  5. I'll say it again... you have had a rough couple of years with friends passing on. I don't really want to 'think' about this. I have never lost someone I was really close to - other than Derek's friend Scott. THAT was almost like losing my own child. But I'm getting older... and I don't want my friends to start leaving... death doesn't scare me if it's my own! But I'm starting to realize that the death of others is a whole 'nuther story.

    Anyway... I'm so glad that you guys had a "good" memorial for her. I do think that's how they should be -- a very pleasant send off with lots of fond memories!

  6. Thank all of you for your gentle thoughts.

    Maribeth, I'm sorry about your uncle. You have had a lot on your plate this year, too. I remeber Janet.

    Judy, you are always so kind.

    Quilly, that is so true and I think I'll commit that saying to memory.

    nsiyer, thank you for understanding.

    Melli, I am somewhat older than you and it is heart wrenching to lose a sort of brings our own mortality to mind. I don't fear death, but don't seek it, either. And for real...when I was close to death once..I started searching for the 23rd Psalm in a big hurry. I did remember it...and it did comfort me. I was very glad when I did live.