Friday, January 23, 2009

Greenhouse update

Having the greenhouse this year has been a lot of fun. It has been a very warm winter and we have had to stay on top of keeping the door open so the heat doesn't become too overwhelming for the little plants. I'll be starting some seedlings soon, but need to find some seeds first. This is the only time of year a gardener gets to really rest a bit. But the weather has been so warm this advance of the huge cold front coming tonight, that I've had cabin fever and longing to get out and start planting. We did plant some garlic that had sprouted yesterday. Also with the economy like it is, we may need to grow actual food in it.

Spring will be here soon enough and with it a lot of great storms. We are in a drought right now and I'm getting ready to get the rain stick out and do a dance. My rain stick is much larger and way way cooler than this guy's but here is a You tube so you know what I'm talking about. Does the guy in the you tube look sort of weird. I think so. Anyway, I bought my rain stick in New Mexico or Colorado one year when we went to Mesa Verde. It has a very pleasant sound and I do think it maybe calls the rain. At least it sounds like rain for a few seconds or as long as I turn it back and forth. Rain is one of my favorite things. I grew up during a 7 year drought, so I love it.

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