Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank goodness we have raged against the machine and prevailed!

Oh my goodness we have conquered our fear of electronics and got all my cds converted and loaded onto the new Ipod! It is pretty darn awesome and I wish I'd bought one much sooner. I bought a dock with speakers, too, so I can take it outside this summer..or spring and share all my tunes with my neighbors. HA! It is very cool to have such a range of music playing on shuffle right now. It is way down the road for this, but I love it and may never carry it around with me, but there is an adapter that will let me play it in the car.

We also got new cell phones and got the sims transfered with only minor hassles. However, mine is in my purse right now. I haven't figured out the ring tones, if there are any and don't want to dl some crummy tune that is not cool. I think the coolest ringtone evah would be "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, but we haven't been able to find it.

We went to the high school group meeting tonight and we are all getting so old and stuff that we have decided we all need to wear name tags. That would be ok for me, because I didn't graduate with them...just married one of 'em. There will be a big reunion later in the year to celebrate the year of their graduation! Aggh, I must lose weight and all that, but hey... they are much older than I. They were all gone from our high school by the time I got there. But it is good fun getting together and trying to figure out who is who each month. LOL I think we all have a touch of Alzheimer' least tonight we did a bit. I found a long lost cousin in that mix of people and also one of the guys is married to a woman I used to work with.

Man, I have some really good tunes and a wide variety, too. I'm loving this Ipod thing and have no idea who some of the artists are, since I haven't listened to them like this before. One or more of the cds were from concerts from around here, so you know there is some good ole Austin sounds going on along with Iz and some classical and some Willie Nelson just came on singing with someone I do not recognize.

I've not got the Itunes thing figured out yet, but there are a couple albums I want to buy. Los Lobos' "El Corazon y La Pistola" is very good. I bought the cassette right after coming back from studying in Cuernavaca. Also, Linda Ronstadt's "Canciones de mis Padres" needs to be updated from a cassette via Itunes. I don't know if there is technology to take the music from a cassette to cd or not. I listened a bit to the music from "Slumdog Millionaire" tonight and we must get to the theater to see it. I think it is going to be a good movie and I think I'll like the music. It might be on the list of to buy ones. We'll see. Aha...Harry Connick, Jr. is on now.

We cleaned the house today, so I can kick back some tomorrow and play with the new toys. I took some pics of the goings on in the greenhouse the other day and will try to get them posted soon. I'd hoped to get some posted for Ruby Tuesday, but well, you know.

Take care and like my friend Kate in Scotland signs off saying something like OOXX from the land of the tartan....well, night night from the land of the bluebonnets.


  1. BOY did you catch my attention with that title! Knowing your penchant for music - and of ALL types - even RAP and who knows what else -- My son's favorite FAVORITE FAVORITE band of all time is the now dismembered (???) Rage Against The Machine... and so your title caught me! I thought NO WAY is she into THEIR music now! LOL! I'm so glad you were only discussing iPods! LOL!

    I have different songs for all my people's ringtones... Mathew is Carry On My Wayward Son!!! LOL! WAY too appropriate!

    AS - you certainly do stay busy! Sounds like the High School thing will be a blast!

  2. Oh taste in music is very ecclectic, but does not extend to that band. Somehow I missed that. I do have 8 mile on the ipod.

    Very appropriate ringtone for your boy. I remember some things you have shared. :)

    Oh the high school thing is every month! It is fun...esp since I'm starting to remember some of them. My husband isn't really that much of a ppl person. He is enjoying more now too, though.

  3. I really should do something with the iPod I bought OC. He doesn't use it because there are no live sports. (I should have thought of that when I bought it!) I even have a coupon for 100 free downloads ....

  4. Here is a joke to start your day!

    You are blonde and sitting on a bus, when you suddenly fart.
    Luckily the music is very loud. So every time you fart, you time it with the music.

    When you start making your way to the door as you exit the bus

    everyone is throwing dagger looks at you, and you suddenly realize..............
    You're listening to your IPod !

  5. Amber, I can tell you are really enjoying that Ipod. I love Willie Nelson. He is my favorite singer of all times and when he sings "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" he just can't be beat.

  6. During my long official tours, Music is my salvation.I have enjoyed music as always, and music is brought to life by these latest gadgets and gizmos magnificiently.

    I am trying to become machine savvy, lest we will be left out vis a vis today's younger generation. Thanks and best wishes.