Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yesterday I went over to check on some rental property I own and discovered the natural gas was not on and the meter had been replaced with a new one. I hadn't received any notice about this and was very upset wondering how long it had been off. The property has been vacant for some months and I keep the utilities going so the "property manager" can show it properly. I think he has finally found a tenant, but the gas had to be left on because it is going to be very cold the next few days. We finally got in touch with the gas company and they had had to make some repairs on their side and they said they had put a door hanger out to let someone know. I hadn't seen it and the property manager hadn't mentioned it to me. Lot of good it did and they managed to get the bill to us. Anyway, I got them to come this morning to get it turned on today. Natural gas can't be turned on without a rep from the company checking the appliances to make sure they are ok, and that means someone has to be there to let them in. There was no charge, but man I would have been so angry if any of the pipes had burst because of this. We are headed for 28F tonight and 22F tomorrow night and last Sunday morning it had been 24F. Better than a lot of places right now, though. I heard last night it was colder than -40F in Minnesota. That is really cold.

It was a beautiful afternoon and we went to the movies. It was a shame to waste such a lovely afternoon to see Benjamin Button, but we really wanted to see the movie and this was discount day for people with a loyalty card to the local newspaper. Buy one get one free is a real incentive for us. The movie was sweet and weird and interesting. And Slumdog Millionaire must really be something else to beat out that movie at the Golden Globes.

Later on the way home we stopped at Best Buy to look at an Ipod for me. Maybe, I'll just stick with my little radio or something. It gets very complicated and eventually costly with this and that. However, I could have the music I want where I want it. Oh bother...I'll worry about that another day.

Meetings tomorrow night again. Hope everyone had a good day and has another tomorrow with few annoyances.


  1. O bought OC an iPOd Shuffle for his birthday last April. It is still in it's original package. HE can't get sports on it like he can his radio ....

  2. I'm not an Ipod-er. I dislike the fact that even when you buy a song, you don't really. And all the other terms and conditions bother me. So there Apple computer!

  3. Oh aren't we just a bunch of old fogies! I don't have an iPod either - but because I don't like earphones! I LOVE the concept of the little gadget you can download only the songs you LIKE to... but not if I have to wear earphones... Sorry iPod!

    I sure am glad you got that gas problem worked out! They are CRAZY! It WOULD have been their fault if the pipes did freeze. I think they would have had to pay for repairs and such! (oh... or would it have gone on homeowners? As cold being a "natural disaster"?)

  4. I want to see Benjamin Button, and I haven't even heard of Slumdog Millionaire, might have to check it out as well.

  5. Enjoyed reading your blog, it's the little annoyances in life that makes us appreciate the smooth running days.
    I have an ipod , have had mine for 3years, I would be lost without it as I go for walks along the shore and the music I play matches the relaxing atmoshere of the waves breaking . Have a great week-end.
    Take care.

  6. It's been chilly here too. I passed on the Ipod thing, I can't even stand to wear the blue tooth in my ear I got so I can drive more safely. Best for me to just turn off the phone..ha.

  7. Sometimes things follow Murphy's Laws, and irritances have a way of turning up when least expected.

    Have a great weekend.