Monday, February 9, 2009

Clearing out the brush

I have no idea if the slide show is going to load or not. If not, please click on View all images. I couldn't find the option to post through Blogger that has been working like a dream lately. I found it under "Share", so hopefully this slideshow will work. can't write anything under the slideshow or it won't load. I remember that now, but the main point is that we did NOT have a tornado, even though our yard looks like we did. We are going to have our fence replaced and the sales guy said we would have to clear out the overgrowth so the fence guys could get in and have a nice place to put the posts and all.

Ok..we worked pretty much all day Saturday, where these photos came from and then added more yesterday. Somewhere around the embedded tree, I snapped and refused to continue unless there was nobody in the state of Texas who would do this happily for a fee. I'm old and my husband is older and it was somewhat unsettling seeing him with one foot on our rickety ladder and the other on the fence behind us with the chain link fence positioned in an area not conducive to good health if he slipped. I was pretty cranky and adamant about the whole thing.

The fence guy is coming by today to see if his fencers can take care of the rest. I'd hope someone half my age and somewhat stronger could manage this if they want our business. Having new fencing put in is not an inexpensive undertaking. And Amber Star, although would finish this task if needed, is tired of working like a field hand so her husband can save a few dollars. There is nothing wrong with working like a field hand and field hands produce that which I and cotton and stuff. And many times in the past I have worked very hard at very weird tasks when money truly was an issue, but dang there comes a time to be cherished and February is that month.


  1. Oh do have your Hubby be careful on the ladder. A dear friend of ours fell broke his ankle and then got ostemyelytis. He was never the same.

  2. You go girl....I think you are wise to hire it done rather than either of you being injured. Sounds like a major project....gotcha prayed up. (By the make a cute field hand!)

  3. If nothing else, hire a neighborhood teenager to do the lifting and pulling! There's a time to save money and there's a time to save life.

  4. So you DO have a back 40! Is that where the PEACH TREES will go now??? LOL!

    I would SAY I'm all about hiring it out at this stage of my life... but considering what I'm undertaking at the moment, I guess I haven't QUITE learned that lesson as well as I thought I had! The whole idea of being cherished though -- that works for me!