Saturday, February 14, 2009

Of love and kitties

Happy St. Valentine's Day. It is the time for lovers. For us it is usually a low key day without grand gestures of massive flower arrangements and fancy dinners, but, we try to show each other how much we love the other in small ways all year long. This year has brought some radical changes in diet for me, so maybe we will indulge in a Hershey bar tonight or something. I can have chocolate.

We have found how much our little cat has worked her way into our hearts in the past couple of days. Night before last it was very warm in the house and we opened the door to cool the house off a bit. She wanted to go outside for a while before bed. In just a few minutes she was savaged by another cat, I guess. There was a lot of screeching and we raced out to break it up and rescue her. After we got her inside I looked her over everywhere and couldn't find anything wrong. No blood or any indication anything had happened except her tail was bushed up and she was trembling. Hubby took her to the vet yesterday morning when we saw she was very stiff and couldn't walk well. At first the vet couldn't find where she was hurt until they took her back to draw blood. That is when they found some large wounds under her fur. They we very surprised and decided that was why her temperature was high. They gave her some medication for pain and an antibiotic shot. She was so pathetic all day yesterday since she was goofy from the meds plus just feeling so terrible. She is much better this morning, but still sleeping a lot and not eating that much yet. Our little petite five pound cat has conquered our hearts and brought us to our knees with worry and love for her. Now it is time for us to give her the antibiotic for the day. Thank goodness it is a liquid and a dropper, but the dosage is two dropperfuls once a day for 10 days. Well, we will see how this goes.


  1. I hope your kitty heals quickly and thoroughly. Animals do have a way of tangling up in our heart strings.

    OC and I prefer quiet, day-to-day expressions of love. He has made reservations at a fancy restaurant -- for tomorrow -- tonight he is cooking at home. To me, THAT is love!

  2. I do hope she recovers well. Animals have no pretenses. With them what you see is what you get. And they're endearing.

  3. Sad!! I hope she recovers quickly!!