Sunday, February 15, 2009

On cats, kids, candy and casts

Our little cat is a somewhat better today, but the medication did not sit well with her yesterday. She was immediately sick and didn't keep the antibiotic down. She wasn't interested in eating either before or for sure after. The vet was only in the office until noon yesterday and I was afraid to wait. We called and they had her come back in right then. They said she was a little dehydrated and gave her some fluids, and sent some special food home for her. The vet changed the antibiotic to something that is much easier on her. We've had no problems with the medicine since the startling events of yesterday morning. Thank goodness. The vet was pleased with the way her wounds are healing and her appetite is coming back a little. She actually ate a of the soft ones she loves and a couple of bites of food. The important part is that she is starting to want to eat again. She wants to sleep on my heating pad so hubby bought me another one yesterday. That is true love.

Speaking of love and eating, we had dinner here at home last night. Hubby heated up some tomato soup, the good kind in the box, and made some grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. It was just what we wanted last night. Then we watched "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" followed by the first one in the series..."Indiana Jones and The Ark of the Covenant". It was a very low stress enjoyable evening, and we did share a Hershey's Symphony bar with almonds and toffee chips during the movie.

Earlier in the evening our grandson called to wish us a Happy Valentine's Day and that was the sweetest gift. He is growing so quickly. When I answered the phone he identified himself to me, like I wouldn't reconize his voice, but that is really good manners. He wished me a Happy Valentine's Day and and chatted for a few minutes, then he talked to his Grampa for a while and told him about his skiing trip and the bicycle he got for Valentine's Day. Dang! Our kids thought it was really special when they got a box of candy for Valentine's.

Our son and his family got back last week from skiing, and our son says he couldn't keep up with TJ. They both learned to ski on their trip last year, but my son isn't as young as he used to be. Our daughter in law broke her foot coming down the stairs from the hot tub on the roof the first night they were there. She elevated her foot the next day, but by the next day she decided it was time to go to the emergency room. Her foot was definitely broken, but the doc didn't want to cast it in Colorado and advised her to wait until she got home to Texas. Bless her heart, she didn't get to ski much at all and was in pain the whole time. After she did get home her doctor was out of town and the physician's assistant would NOT sign the paperwork for her to get a temporary handicap parking tag! In my opinion he should be fired. She is on crutches and it is pretty darn hard to get from the car to the grocery store and other places she has to go. She finally has an appointment with the orthopedist next Tuesday, but that is nearly three or four weeks since it was fractured. Her friends have been helping by picking up groceries for her and running errands when they go. We just found out about it last Thursday when she told my daughter. Now that it has been so long she is afraid that the fracture has started to heal, but not in the optimal way and will have to be rebroken to be set properly. I can't imagine trying to keep up with a 7 year old while having a broken foot. She has a desk chair with wheels that she can use to get around the house. She is amazing and surely she will get her foot casted Tuesday! I've offered to go the town where they live to help out, but she wanted me to wait until after the surgery on her foot to come down. She feels she will need more help then than now. I'm not sure about that, but will do as she wishes.


  1. I don't believe it has taken that long to have her foot taken care of! These days combining the word "health" with the word "care" is indeed an oxymoron!

    For our Valentine's OC cooked chicken caccitorre (sp) and we enjoyed a meal in. Tonight he is taking me to Roy's a local restaurant a cut above the ones we normally frequent.

  2. I don't believe it EITHER! Sheeeesh! I would have found another orthopedist!

    I read about your kitties nightmare down below. I'm so glad she's doing better today... that is just so sad. When we had Squash, HE got into a fracas with the neighbor's cat and he came home looking bad - but SHE got the worst of it! And I felt sooooooo bad!

  3. I hope she is up and walking again soon.

    It sounds like you and your hubby had a very good time. I love potato soup.

  4. Oh had an eventful weekend. So glad the kitty is responding well. Sounds like a sweet evening with your sweetie. So sorry about your DIL's foot. I'll keep her in my prayers.

  5. I am glad your cat is doing better. Tomato soup and grilled ham and cheese sounds so good. One of my favorite meals. I hope she gets that foot taken care of soon. I have ten screws and a plate in my left foot where I fell and broke it back in the 80s. It is nice that she has you to help out afterwards. I was in a cast for seven months!

  6. Me again, I watched the video link you sent and laughed and laughed. Thanks, I guess it's ok to talk about me some times.