Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Getting Geared Up for Valentine's Day

Ruby Tuesday is hosted over at Mary, the Teach's blog, Work of the Poet, and the theme is to write something Valentine related such as some examples on her blog. Stop by and sign the Mr. Linky and to let folks know where you are.

Below is is a picture of a scarf I knitted for my husband after Christmas. It is a 1X1 rib knit and he does like it a lot.

Ignoring form 1, I went for form 2 or possibly form 3 shown on her blog.
Form 2: "Like....., love is....
Lord Byron wrote: Like the measles, love is most dangerous late in life.
Form 3: You know it's love when...
And the very well-known writer and painter, Anonymous wrote: You know it’s love when you want to keep holding hands even after you’re sweaty.

Form 2-Like the stitches in this scarf, my love is knitted within.
Form 3- You know it is love when the scarf I knitted you is around your throat.
Possibly sticking with the form 2 version. It seems more loving

The blood red scarf belonging to my husband created by me, his wife, with much love and caring for his comfort on very cold days.

Below is our very crowded coat rack in the laundry room. For two people we really do have a lot of coats and scarves and hats and stuff that hasn't been put away since the last ice storm. Maybe, we won't need it all much longer.

The silk scarf with the big white star on it is mine and is like the coolest scarf ever. It even has the great seal of Texas on it and cowboys and the state flag and I just love it and get it out to wear when the Stock Show is in town. That is about over now, though.


  1. Hi Amber, Your red scarf is beautiful and I know your husband just loves it. Happy early Valentines day to you! I can't believe how Feb. is flying by us but am ready for spring.

  2. Bossy doesn't know one stitch about knitting. hehe.

  3. LOL! LOve your red scarf - HUBBY's red scarf! But more importantly I love your description of your silk scarf! LOL!

    You did a great job with the contest too -- good luck to ya!

  4. Anneliese is in Heat! We leave on Friday for Germany!!!

  5. Hi!
    Great RED today! I like your hubby's scarf. I crochet but don't knit! Have a great day!!


  6. What a beautiful scarlet red scarf. Loved form 2....Who knew you were a poet at heart Your hall coat tree looks like ours in the winter. I have to unload it when I know we are having company over . For only two of us we have lots of coats, jackets, hats, scarfs.

  7. I like the sharing and the loving in this post. You love your hubby and your scarf -- though perhaps not equally ... ;)

  8. LMBO! Get that Edith Bunker thought right OUTTA your head! She sounds MUCH more like GRANNY from the Beverly Hillbillies!

  9. The scarf is so well and skilfully knitted. The valentine poem to go with it is so appropriate.
    I used to knit a lot before my shoulder and fingers were attacked by arthritis.
    Always when knitting I would think of the person the piece of garment was meant for.
    I kind of sent my best wishes along.
    Like you did for your husband.
    I bet that makes the scarf warm twice.
    From Felisol

  10. Beautiful red scarf. Bet it warms his heart as well as the rest of him when he wears it. Your Texas scarf seems nifty.

  11. our coat rack looks a lot like that too

  12. hi Amber!

    Sorry I've not visited in a while. My blog has had posting issues, so I've been busy fixing them & then visiting around.

    This red scarf sure is pretty. That takes talent and patience! I do not knit well- in fact, awfully! Your coat rack looks like ours. Hope spring comes soon for you! Early Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby! <3 (that's supposed to a heart symbol, my teenage daughter taught me.)

  13. Amber Star, My Valentine's Day Love Contest was a separate post from the Ruby Tuesday post and I asked people to put their entries in the comments for the post. I feel so bad now that I missed your entries here at YOUR blog. I love the one about the scarf around the throat! Ha! Also the contest is over now BUT I want to send you an award for participating - 5 bookmarks (you can see them at my blog.) Send me your home address in an e-mail to me (my e-mail is on my sidebar) and I'll send you the bookmarks.
    I love your RED scarf by the way!