Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bossy's Visit...

Last night we all met in Dallas for Bossy's No Book Tour and had a great time with about a dozen other bloggers from our area. Most were young women with a professional job. Some were seeking employment to compliment their husband's work. All were extremely nice women, and one had experienced exceptional recognition. She has only been on Blogger for about one and a half years and was contacted by CNN a few days ago for an interview about a "Glee" watching party she and her son are going to put on for his friends. She was very calm about it all and I don't think had taken in the full extent of what has happened to her! We, down on our end of the table, did. She is a sweet girl and I wish her all the best luck...like she needs it. :)

The home where we met is a rehabed old church that was built in 1925. When the lady who owns it now bought it there was a great deal of work to be done, and she has made a wonderful change to the lovely old building. Someone told me when she bought the church the inside had been painted a not so lovely blue in all rooms. *gak*. The floors hadn't been stripped and refinished when they bought it, but now they are beautiful. My cousin was having a hissy fit to know what stain they had used, because she wants to have that same color on her hardwoods. Back to the paint color they selected for the walls they painted it a soft gold and as the sun changed positions while setting it changed colors on the wall. The paint is such a grand color for the church.

The downside of an older building that is a church is that it has little steps where you least expect them. I know. The little step in question had been pointed out to me and I'd been warned, but as I was talking with my cousin, Pye, I walked right off that durn little thing and nearly fell. I did splash water onto the floor, but that part is stone. I was a little shaken thinking of all that could have happened, but took a minute to thank God there were no broken bones or worse.

I'm pretty sure the reason people stop going to church is that the stairs are very steep. My knees, if you could ask them, met their match last night and I'm pretty stove up today. Another joy of aging well is that stairs are no longer fun and church stairs are very steep. I think my cousin told me there are 10 bedrooms, or something like that. All of it is just beautiful and so well cared for. The sanctuary is the family room with several sofas and a conversation area. There is a small game table with really feminine colors and frills. The altar area has been remodeled well into a fabulous kitchen with a country sink that is a copper one, I think. I just couldn't go poking around into everything being a bad guest, and being asked to leave or something as horrifying.

We had fajitas for dinner and they were good! Dessert was some heavenly concoction made from nuts, coconuts, and flaky crust. Not a pecan tassie, but very delicious. There was so much to see and take in yesterday this may have to be a two day post. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves, ate well, had a lovely tour of the home. It was something to remember for a long time.

I didn't mention the stained glass windows did I? Tune in tomorrow. Same time Same station.

Bossy is on the road today to Houston. Better her and me! I'm tired today and if I'd had to get up and hit the road...oh my. Houston bloggers hang on to your hat. The sweet young woman named Bossy is on her way. I'm so glad we, my cousin and I, went! I didn't go last time Bossy was in our area and it would have been such fun to meet up with people from then. Many had met before at the last tour. It was a fun evening meeting new people and enjoying them so much.


  1. Did you get a chance to talk to Georgia? What was everyone wearing? Were there any severed heads? Banditos? Scary alleys?

    I'm sorry to hear about the steps and the tumble, the angels were watching over you for sure!

  2. Seems like a good time was had by all. What a good idea. Pleased you enjoyed yourself.


  3. Lora,

    The angels have to watch over me in rotating teams. Bless their sweet hearts. I wear them our.

    Bossy was very tired, but we did get a chance for a small chat. She is such a sweet woman.

    There were some scary moments from time time, but with my cousin and I nothing is insurmountable. I haven't laughed so much in a very long time...well, since my sister and I took off to go to Round Rock to do some genealogy research...and putting flowers on our peeps graves. The groundskeepers probably were wondering what the heck! The cool part of that was in small towns there is always someone watching when people go into the cemetery. I guess they have an alarm or something, because as soon as we would start looking for our people cars would start cruising by the cemetery. One gentelman took us over to part of his field to try to find a girl's grave, but we were unsuccessful.

    Back to the No book Tour. Everyone was sort of dressed down. Mainly, except for a couple or three who came from work jeans and a shirt were what everyone had on. I changed clothes three or four times before deciding on a nice T that had something about giraffes on the front. One girl had on those killer shoes. The ones with the REALLY high heels and were probably Jimmy Choo's. They looked nice, but my guess was that her feet hurt.

    Bossy traded her sleep shorts for a ruffle skirt. She had on leggings and some cute shoes. She had a bracelet that was very pretty and she looked very put togther.

    I couldn't find any severed heads, but it is a very large churh. It was sort of iffy in a 7-11 at one point. Not the nicest of them..that one wasn't. Yuck!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time with great food and great people. I am glad you did not fall. Bob and I went to Keeneland Race Track on Sunday and I have never seen so many of those very high heeled shoes. Made me hurt to look at them! I am glad you enjoyed your trip.

  5. Hey... I just noticed your comment on my cancer blog... how did you make out... I am sorry I didnt acknowledge it sooner...email me...(tadalaura@tampabay.rr.com) I don't want to get personal on a comment..



  6. Sounds like it was a GRAND time (well, despite the steps!) and it is ALWAYS fun to get together with a group of bloggers! I'm SO glad you had that opportunity!

    What in tarnation is "glee" watching? I'm completely stumped on that one!

  7. Ta-Da,
    I've had a survival time of, let me find a calculator, 42 years. I had cervical cancer and thank You God for Pap smears! All women should get them every year and that immunization thing gives girls a false sense of security. It had a happy ending so far and I'm hoping it will continue. Even my doctor is going...Linda it I don't think it is going to come back now after 42 years. So, it was a good opportunity to drag out the soap box once again to rail about getting Pap smears which is the easiest test ever. I was truly lucky in that it was caught way early, in situ, and the pathologist who read the inital smear was a very fine Doctor and knew his stuff when it came to that.

  8. Ok, Melli,
    There might be times when you would like to turn on the tube for one hour. "Glee" is a fabulous show about a glee club in high school with all the triumphs and tragedies. It is good.

    Here you can find out more

    Folks have parties and sing with the kids and have a lot of fun. I can't sing for anything. Tone deaf cats throw cans at me. But, this is one show I really like.

    And then there is the A Minute To Win It...and I bet all kids do these unbelievable things! This girl tonight just balanced 4 cans of soda on edge. It can't be done without drinking exactly the right amount of liquid out of the can.

  9. Oh! Lora...we didn't find the Frito factory, but we did find Cesar Chavez Blvd. They had only changed it to honor him in the past day before we came. It used to be called Industrial Blvd. I think. I don't think I got a picture of it, but I did get some good ones I'll get up soonish. I wish you had been with us that night. My cousin told me the next day she slept until 11:30am, which NEVER happens. She is an insomniac, too. It was truly a giggle party for us anyway. And we didn't hang together so we would talk to others. There were some interesting women there that night.

    One of the hostesses has two children, a girl about 2ish and a boy about 4ish. They were adorable, too. The little girl knew the remote changed the channel on the tv and she had had a bellyful of that music bs and she got the remote pointed it at the tv, in the wrong direction, of course it didn't change the channel so she took it to one of the guests. She entertained us for a good long while...and she was wearing a long red t shirt. Her brother had on a white button shirt and brown shorts. I'm not a clothes horse, but that is as good as I can do. The lady who owns the church/home had on an off white dress that was very pretty. Maybe, cutwork...I'm not sure. My mother had one and I've seen they are coming back...just fyi. :)

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I watched them convert an old church into a family home on " This Old House" years ago.Some of the old ones would make beautiful homes. It was fun reading about your night out.

  11. WOW you have been a busy bee while I was cavorting around NC. The blogger meeting sounded like great fun. I still empathize with anyone who maneuvers steps. Even with two knee prostheses It is not easy, believe me. I had mine for 7 years and still one step thenm and eyeball any flight with a certain timidity.

    Glad to be home and see all my bloglist is still having a great time, except a few with computer virii or similar malady.

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and I too am glad you were spared a tumble. I wasn't so lucky this week but all is well.

  13. Enjoyed this post. A dream of mind, just a day dream for self-indulgence, is to find a small country church on a shaded lot beside a lake or pond (this is my day dream afterall) and convert it into my home. I am glad someone's came to fruition.