Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Togetherness

The Easter Egg hunt and dinner was such a fun time. We went to our son and daughter in law, and grandson's home. Some of their friends came over for dinner with us. My dil had prepared a prime rib, mashed potatoes, and green beans. There was also a salad with an excellent dressing her friend made. She is from Germany and had the nicest children. They were very open and happy kids who really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt, held at their house, a lot. We, the women, went over and hid the eggs in their huge yard. I'm about half dead today from the pollen. I looked at yesterday and before and it has been pegged out for weeks. The highest is 12 and we have been at 11.8 all that time and again today.

Our son has a fantastic camera and got pictures of the kids running that were so sharp their hair was flying behind them and their feet were off the ground. Katcha had put quarters in her eggs! They had fun finding those along with the ones stuffed with candy. I took some cupcakes with jelly bean eggs and Easter stuff on top. I'd say they were plenty sugared up before we left to come home. That is something parents love for guests to do for them. *angelic smile*

While we were down there we looked at a new sub-division with waterfront lots. There weren't many houses built, but some were very nice. The thing is if we moved down there I'm sure the kids would move somewhere else. My family is in a shuffle mood right now. The one who lives on the coast is tired of hurricanes and is thinking when she moves to come more toward the center of Texas. The youngest only has five years left to work...which astounds all of us, and she has told me she and her guy are going to go to chili cookoffs and ride motorcylces. My little family is sort of odd, but we love them. Our son still has 20 years left to work and he is older than the youngest, naturally...duh.


  1. Family togetherness is a very important part of life. some are not so lucky but by and large ours has a togetherness should there be any problem they are always there for one another.
    Glad you had a lovely Easter.
    Take care.

  2. Sounds like fun to me. I had to work yesterday and our children are grown, no eggs to hide.
    As for tagging, I would love to see what you put up and what you write about it sooo, consider yourself tagged.

  3. Hey! Ya know what? My oldest is older than my youngest too! And the twins? Well, they're almost the same age! Derek finally got taller but he can't seem to make up those 14 minutes no matter HOW hard he tries!

    I have not suffered allergies in AT LEAST 8 years - maybe 10! But THIS year? They're not kickin' my butt ... yet... but my throat is so scratchy, and I'm coughin' my head off! It's crazy! They ARE kickin' Dennis' butt - but he always suffers every year!

    I'm glad y'all had a great Easter! Luz didn't get ANY money for Easter this year! We did put some last year... I had too much cool "stuff" for her this year... the idea of money didn't even occur to me!