Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Woo is a busy evening! I put eggs on to boil. They are not for dying, but for deviling. We are going to our son and dil's home. We are going to have Easter dinner at their home and then go to their friend's house for the kids to hunt Easter eggs. I'm sure there will be a bunch of little jazzed kidlets zooming around in a sugar haze.

Earlier this evening I went to get my mil a new outfit for Easter. The outfits are pretty darn cute and I'm tempted that some might want to stay here with me. They can all be mixed and matched and are cute as can be. It would have been fun to buy TJ his first suit for Easter, but I'm not sure they are attending church these days. The pastor they loved moved on and my son cannot abide the new one. We are a family of strong emotions...for some weird reason. I have no idea where they got it. *angelic grin*

The in laws are doing well. I hope she likes the outfits and they fit. We went with a major part of clear blues and white tops and ,matching blue slacks, white pants, and navy ones. Most of her clothes have worn out. She was unable to get out to shop and when we bought clothes she put them away. I got out the put away ones and got them washed and ironed. As soon as we can get her size settled it will be easy.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Easter filled with fun, family, and food. Watch out for too much chocolate.

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  1. Thanks for the visit.

    And Happy Easter to You there in North Central Texas.

  2. Honestly... when Mom came to live here, we didn't bring ONE STITCH of her clothing with us! Only what she had on her back! She had not bought ANY new clothes in 25 years - was wearing things that were 6 and 8 sizes too big for her! - and the things that I had bought her for Christmas she had always taken back and got the money for! So, when we left her house, we stopped at Walmart on the way home and I bought her 7 new outfits, 2 pairs of pajamas, a bathrobe and a new coat! And socks and underwear! From day one, I spent my time saying "these ARE your clothes Mom! It's what you brought when you came here!" Within 6 months it didn't make a bit of difference! We had to buy all new SUMMER clothes! And now... she doesn't even know what season it IS - she just wears what I give her!

    Hope your Easter was GRAND! I deviled some eggs too!

  3. I know how she day it is warm and the next it is cold. I'm going back and forth just trying to keep something on me.

    It is so good to know I'm not in this alone...that you understand.

  4. Hi Amber, Hope you had a good day. Deviled eggs are one of my favorite things in this world. I can make myself sick on them. We get pretty emotional around here, too, sometimes, "angelic grin"! lol. Have a good week.