Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crazy in Texas

Oh rasslesnassle...the durn computer is running so slow even I could beat it. Isn't it always the way when you want to go to bed and read and this thing won't cooperate.

The pollen count around here is about a gabillion parts of pure misery per 100. This is the worst I've seen it in a while...or I forget from year to year. It could happen. Everything outside is covered in yellow pollen. Everyone's throat is sore and eyes are burning. Once again Fort Worth is one of the worst in the nation on Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner. That is another one of those sayings that has crept into my mind. It is from a movie where all the students had to learn how to count cards in Las Vegas. Sometimes I think I waste a lot of time watching movies, but then how would I know what that meant?

I got stumped by the "Runaway Scrape" this evening! It was part of Texas history and I didn't know! Oh arrggh! Please don't let Diane find out. Some of the ladies in my knitting group are retired teachers and they just come out with the dangdest things from time to time. Monday night it was who all was at the Alamo and the ones you think were there..well, they weren't. I'll have to get a list and study it. The reason they said most people didn't know is that the actors played the same role in differnt movies and people just get confused. I know I was.

Talked with my older daughter this evening and she has laryngitis and bronchitis and she only traveled to Austin last weekend. We all usually come home from Houston with allergy related junk, but this time she got it. HA! She called the other day and wanted to know when we would want to come down to visit. She was filling out her schedule for the year!?! and thought it would be nice if we scheduled now. So we fell into lockstep with her. She is a good kid...and has no idea how weird she is. I called today and reserved a couple of days with her. Then we are going on the road for a while. It has been a long time since, well especially my husband has had a break, and myself, too. So we are gonna hit the road sometime this summer and we may not come back. Sometime this year I was ready to move off and not tell anyone and see how long it took them to notice we were gone and to start looking for us...and maybe we would answer our cell and maybe not. They would never know.

Have a goodun tomorrow. I've already thought it was Thursday today when it was Wednesday when I started typing that is how crazy its been around here this week.

Oh Gah! I is the third anniversary of my quitting smoking! That is NO April Fool Joke, either! I'm sort of proud of that three years and I know I've saved a LOT of cash on it, too!


  1. Congratulations on giving up smoking for three years, that's some feat. Enjoyed the read,
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Thank you, Yvonne. Sometimes I get carried away and the post goes on forever. Melli calls it my rabbit trails.

  3. Congrats Amber on 3 years not smoking! My allergies have been so bad this spring. The worst in a very long time. It is in the 80s here this week. I had the windows open yesterday and loved it. Bob and I went away for a few days and just took it easy this week. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend.