Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy Days

Good Morning,
It seems like this is one of those weeks where I'm running all the time. Yesterday I worked out and they really did a fine job of remodeling. Now we don't have to live in terror the a/c might fall into the pool with us. It was a relief to say the least to not to have to worry about getting fried while doing something to help my body.

After that I got my hair cut and then on the way home I stopped and got a mani and pedi. It was a me day. All the gussying up is because next Monday I Am Bossy is coming to town on her (no) Book Tour. She didn't have a new book but she wanted to get out to meet her fans. I can hardly wait. We are going to meet up in Dallas if she makes it through all those little pins on her map! Yipes...there are lots of 'em. She was in D.C. last night and NYC the night before. My cousin is excited, to meet her, too. In fact she is thinking we might spend the day in Dallas and then go to the meet and greet. I'd be worn out by then, but if she is driving...we'll see.

Today I meet with the girls for 11:30. Guess I'd better get busy.


  1. I love having a "Me Day" but it's the catching up with the housework and shopping afterwards I'm not so keen on. Loved the read pleased you had a good day.


  2. It was a good day to see friends I hadn't had a chance to visit with in ages.

    It does us good to get out and do something for ourselves instead of being a slave to our houses. I've found that the dust is still there when I get back home. :)