Monday, April 5, 2010


Kat_RN from from A Kats Cornerhas tagged me. Actually, she was tagged several days ago and just got around to tagging others.

The rules to this one are fairly simple;
• Open your first photo folder and select the 10th photo
• Publish it and tell the story of the photo
• Link back to the person who tagged you
• Tag 5 friends and inform them.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago in Port Aransas when my husband and I took some time away for R & R after many days of caring for the inlaws. Those days were glorious fishing and resting days. Our condo was on the second floor so we could see over the sand dunes. The temperature was just right.

Later in the fall when the cold fronts start coming through it gets a lot colder there than you would think. A couple of years before we had planned out a short get away and the first Saturday night after we got there was a HUGE cold front that came in Sunday morning. On the island news isn't as important as it is farther north in Texas where we live. We have a couple of weather channels and 24 hour news channels and they are all on very early, even on Sunday morning in Fort Worth. Not in Port A. Nope. That was when I decided I'd never be able to live there. Not only was there no weather channel there were NO channels being broadcast at 6am. I thought ok...I maybe understand the television people not working on Sunday, so decided to try the radio. They had a recording on that was playing old band music. I really like The Benny Goodman Orchestra, but not when THERE IS A BIG WIND AND IT IS REALLY COLD type weather. The wind was blowing so strongly it was blowing the outside trash cans around and they were clanging. My husband slept through most of this racket.

Finally I decided there wasn't a tornado in the area and that the wind was probably just a gust front. A very strong gust front. I got up and to shower and get ready for the day. Hubby did, too after a bit. We went to the island cafe for breakfast and Lord Have Mercy it was cold. We stayed out the few days we had, but he didn't catch any fish and I finished my book.

The 2008 trip was so much different. It was lovely and warm. We had the nice condo right on the ocean and a kitchen for breakfast and/or dinner. That saved some money and a lot of hassle by not having to go out for breakfast. Out on the balcony we had lounge chairs and a picnic table. It was pleasant to sit out in the morning with a cup of coffee or at night watching the moon shine over the water, walk on the beach, and to sit at the picnic table and have a beer to end the day. It was a very pleasant trip, but my husband forgot his long sleeved fishing shirts so we had to go back to the mainland by ferry to a store to pick him up a long sleeved heavy shirt. He has fair skin and burns easily. He looks sort of odd when he comes out to fish. Other people just start fishing right like they ought to, but he has to have a hat, sunblock, long sleeved shirts, and long pants. I fish in my bathing suit. However, I'm not so fair as he is. My gift from my Indian, feathers, ancestors is skin that tans very easily and so far Thank You, Lord I've not had any ill effects....or melanomas. We returned from this trip relaxed and happy because most everything went well. We didn't catch a lot and I only bought a one day fishing license and read the rest of the time. When we go down there it is my time to rest and relax and do whatever enters my head. Corpus Christi is just over the bridge on the other end of the island, so if I decide to shop...there it is.

One afternoon we drove out on one of the highways, I can't believe there is more than one, but anyway there was a pottery shop of Mexican Talavera Pottery that was having a sale. We spent a good deal of time shopping and looking there. The night before we had caught some fish we had filleted and cleaned at the dock and we took some to the restaurant and they cooked them for us. That fish was a noble fish who gave his life for our dinner and it was very much appreciated.

As you might have guessed we love the ocean and the laid back lifestyle of the small island of Port Aransas, even though it has grown so much since the kids were little and we would go there and throw crackers into the air for the sea gulls to catch. Those were good days.

See, you got two stories for the price of one.

Now for the tagging of friends who will probably not love me after this, here we go.

This top photo is my tenth photo, in the first folder of my pictures on my computer, and the following are the chosen ones to share a story with us.

I tag Kate just for the fun of it, girl.
I tag Judy who has some of the best stories.
I tag Melli who really has some grand stories.
I tag Arkasas Patti because she has SOME stories you would love to see.
and I tag Carol if she ever gets back from wandering the country with her husband and I can't remember if she took Luckie or not.
Anil P. do you have a story from the 10th picture from first folder of pictures on your computer.

If these people don't have time to share a story go to their blogs and read the wonderful things they have to share. Hopefully they will drop by your place, as well.

That is more than 5, but one may falter and not make it. If you want to tell us a story just let me know! I love 'em.


  1. A very novel idea Amber, at the moment I am doing the Ato Z challenge throughout April, so would not have time to tag,
    I loved your post it was very good and a pleasure to read.
    Take care.

  2. Thank you for joining in, I really like the photo, it is so peaceful. I liked the stories too. I could enjoy something like that in the summer, but I don't think it would agree with me in the winter.

  3. Amber this is a great idea for blogging... i will have to try it....

    thanks for sharring...

  4. I've been to your blog to formally invite you to play along. Anyone who wants to can play this game. :)

  5. Oh GRAND! My favorite kind of tag... not! But I WILL do it! I wonder if I should use THIS computer or the other one... hmmmm....

    I remember that trip to Port Aransas! I remember thinking I would like to GO there... and I'm RE-thinking I would like to go there now!

    Now... I'm off to SEE what my folders tell me!