Thursday, October 16, 2008

class notes

The curtains/drapes have become a non issue lately what with the knitting class and all. My class was tonight and it went better. Our teacher was prepared and not only prepared she had other things to knit tonight that I wasn't able to get to do since I was stuck on the handles of the project I'm making. That part requires double point needles...four of them and I've never worked with them at all...ever. It worked out better than I thought it would. Actually I sort of like them. Circular needles...still out on them. I want to make a nice throw for my mil for this winter when she is watching tv and really need to make it on the circulars so I can cast on enough to do it in one piece. We'll see.

This summer yarn was cheap as chips and man did I pick up some good deals...I think. Well, beginner yarn is ok with me. I found a pattern for a shawl I would like to make for myself, but everyone in my class told me it is very hard to work with. If all else fails...garter stitch is ok and it doesn't have to be read...that is why they said it wasn't much fun to use. You can't see where you are in the pattern.

This shawl/scarf totally drew me in today. It is 15" wide and 10 feet long! That would be wonderful to curl up in on the sofa or loop all over'd have to with it being that long! Anyway, it really caught my attention today. It is called jimmy's touch me scarf pattern. Here is the link.


  1. I am glad your teacher is getting with it now. Your shawl sounds wonderful. I hope you will show us a picture when you finish. I don't knit or crochet but I love hearing you talk about it. You have a way of making it interesting to read about. I read the blogs of some other knitters and it sounds like you all have fun with it. I just can't sit still long enough and I have arthritis in my hands, too.

  2. okay I want you to badger me to get back to knitting my scarf! It's getting cold up here and I really need to do this.

  3. LOL! (Maribeth's comment!) You don't have to badger me -- the balls of yarn do enough of that! But I think I'm going to go back to crochet! (If I ever intend to get ANYthing done with it!) Right now I'm too busy with primer and paint to deal in any sort of textiles! That does look like a really cozy shawl though. I can't imagine me every USING one... although maybe. It would probably be easier to type with a shawl around my shoulders that a whole darn throw blanket - huh? Hmmmmm....