Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk shows, yarn and get aways

Wow....yesterday was the trunk show held for Madeline Tosh held at Jennings Street Yarn shop. I was rubbing elbows with some folks who are really something in the yarn world. Madeline Tosh was just the nicest lady and we chatted for a bit. She probably figured out how little I know about knitting in a heartbeat, but was so kind. She has beautiful hand dyed yarn. Click here to visit her virtual shop. I bought some worsted in lovely colors from her and while I was there...well, there was some great synthetic yarn that would make such a fabulous shawl and it came home with me, too. It is starting to look a little like a yarn shop here. I forget how long it takes for a project. The big giant hank of yarn is the synthetic and the smaller ones are washable merino wool. The colors are so soft and pretty. The smaller ones have 225 yds. in the skein, and hopefully it will be enough for a nice project.

This one is called "warmth" and is lovely soft golden colors.

the reddish one is called "terra" and is terra cotta colored with golden tones

The skein above is called "oxblood" with deep maroon and purple colors. I was very lucky to get this color. She is out on her website. There was only one skein left and I got there early.

the synthetic is multcolored in tans and browns and I just think it is as cool as it can be.

The ladies at the trunk show were the happiest women yesterday showing off their leggings and socks and mitts. I mean they were thrilled to show you what all they had made while they were wearing it even,and especially to show Ms. Tosh what all they had made with her yarn. It was nice to be around such a positive place. Jennings Street Yarn may be the next place for lessons. I really did like the owner of the shop.
My TCU Class Projects

The purse project

This is one of my class projects. It is a little purse with handles that tie to go over the shoulder. The bottom part was done on circular needles and the handles on double point needles. I've got to tell you, I'm feeling pretty good about this little project. It was fairly complicated even if it is a beginner project.

The Shawl Project

I would like to get this shawl finished by next class on Wednesday. It is our last class and she is going to teach us how to bind off using an I cord. I'd like it to be a little larger than the 36" she said to make it. It is cast on 3, k3, sl 1, K1, yo, and k the rest of the row. It is easy, it is just finding time to make it larger.

On the Total Envy Note

My daughters are in a really positive and lovely place at the Hotel La Jolla de Mismaloya (the jewel of the Mismaloya river/creek) in Puerto Vallarta this weekend with their loved ones and are very happy, as well. The location is where they filmed The Night Of The Iguana with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. My daughters went there a couple of years ago when some friends of my youngest had their wedding at this hotel. They said it was so beautiful and wonderful that it was beyond words. It is all inclusive, too. The guys are going zip lining one day while the girls lay around at the pool. I don't know if anyone will go para sailing or not. I'm sure my daughters will not. Life could be harder for them, I guess. Actually this is the first vacation in years for one of the guys and he has never been out of the country. I'm pretty sure he is going to be impressed. Maybe, one of these days hubby and I will be able to get away there. My passport sits in the drawer without a single stamp from another country on its pristine pages. Oh well hubby just got home with the GREENHOUSE!!!!


  1. I could handle a vacation there!

    WOW! You GOT it, huh?! Oh boy! You are gonna have to put the yarn down and get your hands DIRTY now! You'll be starting ALLLLLL your own plants and sifting through seed catalogs like crazy!

    You just have SO much going on! I really do like those wools you got! The colors are very rich! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

    I hate to admit that I am SO relieved to finally SEE what a double pointed needle is -- cuz you have NO IDEA what I was imagining! LOL!

  2. Gosh, you 'are' gonna be busy ! I can't remember when the last time I made the attempt to knit was - over 24 years anyway ! OMG fancy me being able to say that - Boy am 'I getting old '... Your wool looks really lovely though! gorgeous shades (and it is tempting ahem... I wonder ? No! I have enough goin on at the mo)..
    Cheers from the 'cold cold' land of the Tartan - Kate x.

  3. Just 19 days for me and I will be in the Caribbean on a ship being waited on and getting a little tan! I'm telling you, I sure an ready!

  4. I envy your daughters. It is really getting a lot colder here. The colors in the yarn are so pretty. Some of my favorite colors.

  5. Oh my, do I envy you. New yarn is better than anything I can think of. I'm impressed with your purse project. I've knitted that shawl pattern.

  6. Madeline Tosh was probably impressed that you'd taken up knitting. As we get older we tend to get more resistant to learning new things.