Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall days and nights

Sometime recently in the knitting, cleaning, planting, shopping frenzy that is going on around my house I sprained my hand. I woke on Sunday morning in a great deal of pain and unable to move my hand without a lot of drama. My main worry was that it wouldn't be ok before the next knitting class on Wednesday. I wouldn't have my homework done and OMG I'd be a complete knitting failure. Fortunately it is getting better much sooner than I would have thought. At least I was doing something I like when it happened, because I haven't done anything I don't like in the past week. I worked on my homework a good bit yesterday afternoon so I'll be able to work on learning cables in class on Wednesday.

Finally we are supposed to get some really cool weather tomorrow. That is a sort of yay thing. The past few days have been absolutely beautiful. Temperatures have been in the low 80s with light wind and blue blue skies. It has been just gorgeous for spending time outside...and this afternoon I'll be watching hubby plant some pansies. There is a picture of the shocking amount of planting work below.

This is one of the projects I finished recently that I thought came out pretty well. It is a throw for snuggling up on cold afternoons with a book or movie.

I don't knit sweaters or socks...yet, ok. This yarn is some I'd had for ages and hubby told me I had to use it up before I bought more. Well, you know I was still buying yarn, but I thought this did come out ok. I like the colors. I'm working on a purse for my class that is done on circular needles and the handles are done on double pointed needles. That is some exciting stuff looking at three needles making a tubular handle that will tie at the shoulder. I'm feeling sort of cool to be able to handle them, and so far I haven't made any huge mistakes. I haven't taken a picture of it yet and it is too much of a hassle to take one, upload it to my computer, then to Photobucket then to Blogger...aie...it ain't that great.

There has been a lot of gardening going on around here, and I found some cute yard art at Jo Ann's fabric store the other day to go in the pots. There are scarecrows on the front porch and hanging out in the side yard, but the fresh shot of color and plants in the garden is really nice. Some of the planting I've been doing lately....the flowering cabbage and pansies are still pretty small, but they are cool weather plants.

This is a close up of one of the planters I put together before I strained my hand. There is a yellow mum, some purple stock, rust colored pansies, yellow and lavendar pansies, red dianthus, and flowering cabbage. It doesn't really flower, but the purple color in the leaves is very pretty during the winter. To the other side is pretty much the same but with a purple mum and a marigold along with some ornamental peppers. One good thing about plantings in pots is that if it is going to freeze we can pull them up on the patio and that works out well.

The other evening before dark I was outside admiring the new garden plantings and snapped this one of the little ghost in with some kalanchoes that haven't bloomed since I saved them from the markdown shelf. They are on borrowed time...possibly

I love the gold mums we picked up during a trip to Home Depot the other day. There is another out in the rock garden next to a garden bench.

This picture is the same shot pretty much except there is a caladium that moved in during the night. On the table you can see all the plants we are going to be planting today. That is pretty scary in itself.

It is starting to look a lot like Fall and Halloween around here these days. And OMG...my husband started talking about getting a greenhouse. That has been a dream for years.


  1. Hi Amber, I love all the pretty pots of flowers and all the fall items. You do have your work cut out for you planting all that stuff. The throw is just beautiful and I can imagine how warm it would be to cuddle up under it with a good book.

  2. Oh I so want to be gathering pots of flowers and doing the lawn! I am in the mood to get my sewing machine out and sew -- and I have to unpack all these boxes first! Yet here you are teasing me with the fun stuff!

    Btw, that afghan looks lovely!

  3. Oh I love the afghan! Beautiful! Now you haven't been nagging me about my knitting! I'm counting on you!

  4. Amber, what a nice post today. Your flowers are lovely. I don't have a lot of sun on my patio so I use a lot of English Ivy in pots which freaks native Oregonians out. English Ivy is an invasive weed here and native Oregonians freak out at the sight of it but I've always loved ivies of any kind.

    Your knitting is really progressing nicely. You should give yourself a pat on the back.

    This morning I was looking at the socks I have on needles. I need to get moving time. It's time to wear wool socks.

    I've had too many computer/blog problems lately to knit. I'm now blogging on both my blogs until I'm sure Blogger is stable. After the first of the year I'll drop one but at this point I still don't trust Blogger. For now you can visit me at either one. You get to choose.
    I prefer the Blogger site.

  5. WOW! You have been busy busy busy! Ya know... I'm not sure, but I'm starting to think we should all stick to blogging! Sandy has legs acting up with Sciatica... I've bummed out my knee somehow... My elbow's been bad since before the beach... you've got a sprained hand... This LIVIN' stuff must be HARD work!!!

    I LIKE that throw! I like the colors - and it looks cozy! And if my knee would bend, I could picture myself curled up on the couch with a book, and it!

  6. oh I loved your show and tell today!
    Have a great weekend!