Monday, October 27, 2008

Information for the men in your life

Sadness and loss has come again. Another friend's husband has passed away from prostate cancer. The funeral is tomorrow afternoon so I won't be around tomorrow at all. Chuck was one of those guys who would take a position that was diametrically opposed to what most people thought was right, but I could never be angry with him about it. He really was a good man with a great sense of humor, and was good in all he did in his life. He will be missed a lot by many people.

Chuck is the second of our friends to die from prostate cancer in the past two years. Please have your guys get at least the PSA test when they go for a physical. I've already had this talk with my husband, because I'm not sure I could bear to lose him.

Chuck was diagnosed in 2007 and was in remission until April of this year. He died this past Sunday morning. Jim went into remission for a year before it returned and when it came back it was very bad. I saw Jim several times before he died just over a year ago, and we visited a couple of weeks before he passed. Both men were over 60, very active, and in good health other than the cancer. This website has a lot of good and authoritative information about the disease.

Please say a little prayer for our friend, Chuck, for the repose of his soul and for the ease of his widow's sorrow.


  1. Oy... yea. Prayers sent. I wish I could get MY gy to GET a physical! He has not been to a doctor once in all the 24 years I've known him! I'm really sorry about your friend... and I remember when Jim died too... so sad.

  2. Chuck has my prayers. I know several men that have prostate cancer. It seems to be hitting more guys all the time. Cancer is a terrible thing. I love the new look of your blog and the pretty flowers.

  3. Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear this. A dear friend of ours is fighting right now and I just cannot stand to think of losing him. As with ovarian cancer, prostate cancer is often not detected until it is too late unless you have good testing.