Monday, October 6, 2008

Trying to get back in the groove

Today we, well, I am resting. Since we returned from Port A it has been non stop with one thing or another. On the Thursday we got home in time to sign the oil/gas lease our neighborhood association worked out with the company. That was very nice and we are glad the negotiations are over.

This weekend we worked on getting the front and back yards tidied up. After it got so hot this summer, we pretty much just mowed. A lot of junk had accumulated on the patio and the walks all needed sweeping. After getting things spruced up around here and planting mums and some salvias, and some red plant and some purple plant and some plants I'd bought over the summer. Too hot to plant, though earlier. I put out a bunch of the fall yard things. Most will be out until it is time to put out the Christmas decorations. I'm not particularly fond of Halloween at all, so most yard deco is fall and harvest.

We went to a Cowboy's game party yesterday evening. I drank diet coke but ate the corn/cheese/pepper dip and it was good....very good. So were the cocktail weenies in bbq sauce. I'm easy to please. It was good to see some friends and decompress a bit.

I'll get vacation pics up tonight, maybe....maybe, I can get back in the groove then. I have knitting to sew together...the throw of many colors is nearly finished. Just one more row to sew on and the tassle it. I knitted a scarf this weekend...well, twice...I took it back apart and reknitted it Saturday night. I've seen this fall a scarf knitted in stockinette that wasn't all curled up. Checked google last night, and Crazy Aunt Purl said to block it, but she hadn't knitted in stockinette. It curls like crazy. Today I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it to undo what I have and knit using her pattern or not and just block it. Possibly I'm avoiding the groove altogether.


  1. Welcome back! You were missed..:)

  2. Hey, welcome home. Missed you! Things have been crazy for me too. I am still trying to decompress!

  3. LOL! I've been avoiding the groove for... ever! I think maybe I don't like being confined to a groove!

    It sure is good to see you back though! You've been misssssssed! Can't wait to see the vacation pics! I really LIKED being able to post mine as I went at the beach - then I didn't feel overwhelmed by it when I got home. (and I always feel overwhelmed when I get home...)

  4. e yourself to blog if you don't feel like it. Life is about living. Enjoy the things you enjoy. Blog when it's fun.

  5. Sounds like fall in Texas. I don't like Halloween either. I always used pumpkins, corn stalks, fall colored mums etc.

    There's no way to knit stockinette and it not curl unless you block it. If you want to do a stockinette scarf, knit the first 3 to 5 stitches on every row and knit stockinette in the middle(K1 row, purl 1 row). Place markers on your needle to tell you when to use only knit stitches. These edge stitches are enough to make your scarf lay flat. Blocking synthetic yarn isn't always successful. It tends to have a mind of its own.