Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Greenhouse Project

Last night was the final knitting class. There were only two of us left and we had some fun catching up on stuff we got side tracked from in the past couple of classes. I started learning cables and Janey worked on the shawl I'm nearly finished with. She had been making little bags while I was working on my purse thing last week. Our teacher invited us to join her knitting group on Monday nights, and that sounds like fun. I think I will give it a try, but not this Monday. Being able to knit on something I want when I want would be fun for a change.

The greenhouse is coming along slowly, but coming along. The base is leveled and I think we are going to start on the framing today. I told him it isn't a good idea to work on it during the heat of the day. Can you believe it!! It is still getting in the upper 80s and will be for the next week. However, the other night there was big excitement when we almost had a frost the other night. We brought all the potted plants up onto the patio to protect them. Well, it only got to something like 37 degrees, but we were ready. Hopefully, with the warm weather we can get the greenhouse up and can put the main part of the potted stuff plants in there. You never know who might be reading and get the wrong idea. Here is a slideshow of the pictures I've taken so far showing the start of the project. I hope this works is the first one I've made.


  1. LOL! Sometimes I would KILL for a man that insists on doing the job RIGHT the FIRST time! You guys are really going to enjoy that green house!

    I think the knitting group sounds like a great place for you! You will enjoy that sooooo much!

    I don't miss coffee klatches either! I like my on line coffee klatch! But for some reason I was just pondering how reliant we've become on the internet... and on satellite communication in general. Really what started that whole thing was a talk Dennis and I were having about terrorists - and he said well, if they really want to hurt a LOT of people they should knock out ALL of the satellites! I thought WHOA! God, please don't let them achieve THAT power!!! (way too deep for me really - I was in over my head!) :)

  2. That is going to be so cool! I have always wanted a greenhouse.

  3. We got a greenhouse that was guaranteed to be easy to put together. It even came with it's own VHS instruction guide. We watched and watched and tried to figure it out and then ended up calling a professional in to do the work.