Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spam winner from The State Fair and other delicacies

The Spam interest continues. The State Fair of Texas is just wrapping up and today they had the Spam Contest winners. Here is a link to the story http://cbs11tv.com/entertainment/SPAM.State.Fair.2.840235.html where you can download the winning recipe called 'Thai Orange Peanut Dippers". There will be a national cook off in Waikiki, Hawaii next April. That will give Quilly plenty of time to work up a really good recipe so she can compete.

Here is a link to the rules and surprisingly the winners from 2007 are not eligible to compete this year. THE GREAT AMERICAN SPAM CHAMPIONSHIP RULES
Our State Fair is known for the fried food of the year...couldn't think of the French for that right now..or ever probably. Anyway in the past they have deep fried Snicker bars, deep fried cheesecake, and something about deep fried Coke...some others have been:

Deep Fried Latte
Fried Cookie Dough
Fried Guacamole Bites
Country Pride Peach Cobbler on a Stick
Fernie's Fried Chili Frito Burrito
B.W.'s Original Fried Banana Pudding
Mama's Fried Sweet Potato Pie
this list is from http://www.slashfood.com/2007/08/27/texas-state-fair-food/

Anyway this year the big deal fried delicacy is Chicken Fried Bacon. No kidding

It is a Texas thing and when Big Tex is brought out and dressed up in new clothes you know the deep fried craziness is about to start. Big Tex gets new clothes every three years. Here is his story. http://www.bigtex.com/aboutus/history/ You can even hear him welcome you to the state fair on that site.


  1. OOOO my Amber what a fair, I've just had a sneak preview of the Taxas Fair, blimey! If I stayed there I would be the size of the side of a house! I'm still trying to lose some weight - I'm size 18 and am just pickin' at food - am dieting like there's no tomorrow and still not losing weight! It ain't fair... sob! Why is it that up till I hit menopause I was skinny and yet I only pick at food now and I feel like an elephant ?

  2. And people wonder why Weight Watchers is all over the world now. Let's face it. We love to eat and there are plenty of people who like to cook for us.

  3. The ONLY thing tempting to me out of that whoooole darn post was the deep fried guacamole bites! Those sound yummy!

    Ya know... Quilly will have STIFF competition for the Spam contest in Hawaii! Hawaiians LOVE spam - it's even served in their McDonalds! (well, that's what I heard...)

  4. Spam is Hawaii's national meat. You know of course that it is served in Burger King and McDonald's here? Breakfast just isn't breakfast without a thick chunk of Spam.