Friday, February 6, 2009

Random things and cedar fever

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It has been a topsy turvy couple of days. We are having some serious pollen issues! In Texas we have an extra pollen is for cedar, cedar elm and juniper. I'd never heard of Cedar fever until my daughter lived in Austin. They have a lot of trouble with cedar fever this time of year and make much ado about it, too. To make a long story short, because my head is hurting like everything from a sinus headache, cedar fever is no fun...the cedar fever or sinus headache I've had for two days. Maybe it will get better if we get some rain Sunday evening and Monday.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the LOL kitteh cartoon. I know how she feels...been like that for me this week.

It is time to start making plans for new planting projects for this spring. Today I found several coupons for shrubs and this is for sure the time to buy. This is the off season and they are somewhat less expensive now. I have plans for a privacy hedge between our yard and our neighbor's without having to totally fence that side. The flower beds have gotten away from us while I was working and will need a lot of attention before we can plant. Somehow my husband just doesn't see beyond the need to mow the grass. He is a really good guy, but not so much a self starter out in the garden.

I bought a bunch of seeds while out the other day then garden center day...and there is an herb container in my future out in the greenhouse. My plan is to plant it in a container that is nice and wide and not too deep. I think that will be nice to have fresh basil, dill, and some other herbs that were on that rack.

My cousin said she is going to come by and maybe we can swap some seeds. I have a whole bunch I gathered last fall. from some nifty plants that were going to seed...but after Christmas and all...I'm not really sure where I've put them. Ack! They are very good seeds, too...butterfly bush, purple cone flowers, ornamental peppers...hopefully she will want to swap something good, and I can locate mine...durnnit! Anyway, I bought some heirloom tomato seeds I want to try out in the greenhouse. We even saved some large cans from tomatoes and spaghetti sauce to transplant them in once they get big enough. Good thing I'm easily amused with 19 cents worth of seeds and a $350 greenhouse.

Probably it would be a good idea to stay indoors until the pollen settles down, but when did good sense enter into my decisions and it will be fun getting started. I'm pretty sure there is still nothing happening with the cherry pit tree experiment. Probably irregular watering on my part has caused problems that have contributed to the lack of a cherry "orchard" out there. I can mark that up to a learning experience, but will check again tomorrow for signs of life before bagging it. Also, I'm thinking I need to set up some shade areas set up for some plants that don't like direct sunlight. One in particular is looking pretty peaked.

Spring is my favorite time of year and I can hardly wait to get into full swing next month. With spring the storms will begin and they may even begin Sunday evening. We truly need rain, but we could skip hail, high wind, and flooding. Time for me to go to sleep, but before I go I need to give my rain stick a good shake. On the link there is a sound clip of what a rain stick sounds like, if you would like to hear one. It is a pleasant sound, and I really believe it can call the rain.


  1. I used my rain stick daily in Las Vegas -- not to call for rain, but to quite my students. You will note please that despite a fluff or two of snow this winter, Las Vegas is still in the desert.

  2. I wish there was a place I could go where I didn't suffer from my allergies. Maybe Antarctica!
    Feel better soon!

  3. Oh man... I had never even heard of Cedar Fever. I guess when you don't have cedar trees near you, you don't. hmmm... Hope you get rain and feel better soon!

    My husband doesn't see beyond grass either ... and since I have a black thumb... well... you can just imagine what our yard looks like most of the time! I LOVE hearing about yours and seeing your pictures! I DREAM of having a gardener one day! ROFL! I'm currently trying to start some avacado seeds growing -- but I think they are just rotting instead... not a single root has appeared and it's been about 10 days! See? I can't even start a bloomin' seed!

    Where do you find 19 cents packs of seeds??? I don't (obviously) grow from seeds -- but back when I used to try they were at least $1.19! LOL!

  4. Quilly-did the rain stick work to calm your students? The weather channel said we are going to get rain starting tomorrow night and through Tuesday!

    Maribeth-if you find a place w/o allergens, let me know asap.

    Melli-We just stumbled onto the sale at the lumber yard while we were looking for weather stripping for our door.

  5. Hi Amber!! So sorry about your headache. Like you I am so ready for spring and bought some new pots yesterday and seeds. I had mint, basil and chives in pots last year and it did great. I put it in pots because I don't have much sun and I could move the pots to the sun. I am so glad to be back visiting with all my blogging friends. I missed your posts. Thanks so much for all your concern and comments while I was offline. The only ice I want to see for a while is in my refrigerator. It was 6 below here one morning this week and 60 today! What a change! I feel like I have been in jail and not allowed to have any visitors. lol.

  6. I'm so jealous you are struggling with POLLEN!! It's just SNOW here! The kitty kat is adorable! :)