Friday, December 11, 2009

Day off

Today was a long day and even though the maids came it is still hard as heck to get everything put where it needs to go. They don't know where to put stuff and will just clean around it. As you have noticed if you have been reading the epic saga of the in laws, everybody needs a nap. So, my thinking is this...we made spaghetti sauce tonight....I foolishly thought we were going to have spaghetti, but was surprised with elbow macaroni instead know the long spaghetti. So we had Beefaroni our way...and there is enough sauce left to make the real deal one night soon. That was really funny when I got to the table. Hubby finished the dinner I'd started, but I hadn't gotten the pasta out yet. I had said one day this week we had a lot of elbow mac and some other kinds and penne. I guess the gigantic pink glass jar I store the spaghetti in just didn't register with him. It was sweet and I was speechless...and then laughed. I wondered why he kept asking me if I wanted a spoon...silly me.

Happy dreams tonight and hope you get done all you want to get done tomorrow. Our tree is in parts on the floor where it is going to be. I'm just not up for decorating it yet.

Do you buy a real tree or a reusable tree? We used to buy a real one, but the fear of a fire was too much for me, especially with three little ones in the house....but let us know what you do about a tree.

I'll be lollygagging on the sofa watching old movies and such.


  1. We've had all kinds of trees, not live ones as I'm allergic to them.
    We've had any number of artificial ones including fiberoptics, pre-lit, and one you assemble and decorate from scratch.

    Last year and this I have a simple animated tabletop Christmas scene. It comes out of the box ready to go. Husband decorated one outdoor tree. That's it for us, yet I feel we have as much C.S. (Christmas Spirit) as ever.

  2. We started with my artificial tree - when it got gross we tossed it out and started having real trees. THAT went on for about 10 years, until I got fed up with pine needles and broken vacuums FROM pine needles and then we went back to an artificial tree. This, I think is our 4th Christmas with THIS artificial tree - and I really do NOT like this one. But still, every time I think of the pine needles... I just can't bring myself to actually PAY for that mess! I'm really ready to downsize to a table top model. But my kids won't have that! Another year or two I think... I'm sure YOUR tree will be gorgeous whenever you get around to it! You've still got a few days! LOL!

  3. A couple of years ago we bought a tree that already has lights and has a remote control. I love it.

    Today has been a real downer day. I've slept most of the day. Woke with a sore throat again, but it is better now.

    It is getting worse out where my in laws are. She has refused a bath each day, threatened an aide for helping my fil either go to the bathroom or take a shower, told my husband she hates him, acts like she hates him. Personally I think she needs to be evaluated by a shrink pronto. She has always been hard headed, but this takes the cake. She cannot see that even if she is home with 24/7 aides they can't help her with medications, grocery shopping, etc. That is where we would have to come back into the picture and there goes our life again. He is still working for them, but didn't try to visit with them today. My dad was an angel compared to her. And I thought from time to time he would drive me nuts. She takes the cake for selfishness.

  4. Hi Amber, I have not put up a tree for several years now. I do decorate the house with a wreath on the door and put out all my Santas and Christmas books, etc. I make a lot of cookies, breads, cakes, etc. for the family so I don't fool with the tree. TW is getting older so I may have to start again!