Friday, December 18, 2009

So much to do and so little time

The countdown is on. Tried to call my youngest...she hasn't called back...yet. We were wondering when they were going to come in for Christmas. I know when the others are coming, but not the cow tail one.

It seems the closer Christmas gets the more I find to do. A small bed of pansies and violas and cabbages were planted this afternoon out by the backdoor...much later than we usually get them into the ground. I know we were much more organized last year. However, we didn't have as many distractions from the in laws, bless their hearts, but could just get on with it. Caring for them came to be my husband's work. It must have filled a need he had to have a lot of complicated paperwork to keep sorted out for them. He hasn't had a lot to do since he retired four years ago. All he had to do to get the power of attorney and to be named their in charge of everything guy, was a maze of complications for sure. Also, last year I didn't know about the rheumatoid arthritis...just thought I was tired a lot..or lazy, more like it. That is getting better since I started water aerobics. Much better indeed. However, from time to time I do still get very fatigued.

I'm sure I won't be attending the Friday water aerobics class any longer. The instructor for that class is very negative. Today she was complaining about the people in the class who didn't show up. For one thing it is the week before Christmas and most of us have a ton of tasks to complete. I know I do for sure. She was downright tacky in the way she treated us until I said that it might be wiser to be glad we were there, if the others were not. The others stopped attending that class because of the way she treats people. Our other teacher is such a sweet young woman and actually knows a lot about which exercises are helpful to us. This week I asked for more balance exercises and she came up with some fun ones and they do help. While I was waiting for class to start I thought I'd swim a lap or two. Well, I found out I don't remember how to swim and that really threw me for a loop. My mother and I used to go to the pool for lessons in the hot summer mornings. I was even allowed to take life saving lessons. And now! to think I couldn't swim. It was awful and too cold to swim in my home pool. I'm going to stick with it and learn again, by golly. I think it is almost criminal for parents to not take their children to swim lessons. My half sister can't swim and that bothers me, but now I can't either.
*getting off my soap box now and getting back to normal sort of*

Got some silver plate polished tonight. I haven't a clue why I ever bought a silver plate coffee service, but I did and it really needed a shine. Also, finally got the creche put up and it looks great on the serving cabinet next to the dining room table. The palms were a little crunched up, but opened up with some help. Our Joseph was in fine shape as were the others. Someone who comes by this blog had a problem with her Joseph once.

So many things to try to still get done. The little cedar in a huge pot outside doesn't have the red shiny balls and gold tinsel on it yet, either. Maybe tomorrow.

For our dinner I'm thinking of making the Orange Preserve Cake mentioned in the "Father Tim" books. I bought Jan Karon's cookbook, as well as, all of the series a while back and never really looked at the cookbook too much. For one thing I live in the South and know how to make pickled cucumber salad, but when I read the recipe for that cake it sounded so good, and not chocolate for a change. Don't get me wrong I love chocolate for sure. Anyway, if I can find 3 nine inch cake pans I'll let you know how it comes out. I'm not going to be ready by tomorrow night when my brother and sister in law have our annual Christmas get together. This year the theme is to bring something around your house you no longer want and it has to be a pretty good old socks or stinky tennis shoes. Last year the theme was items from "As Seen On TV". That was fun, however, ours was "As Seen At Sam's". They were a hit. So this year, I have some pewter ornaments for the tree I'm going to share and a lighted sleigh. I have no idea where the sleigh came from so I guess it fits the criteria alrighty and it is still in the box. I'm sure someone will love it. It might make a nice place to put a small vase of flowers in or something. Oh is a Chinese Christmas, too.

At some point I am going to have to clear out this computer room so I can make sure there is enough for everyone. When $20 is the limit...well, it is easy to forget what it was that was ordered for who and has it got here yet.

Our weather is supposed to turn on Wednesday. That is the day my kids from the Houston/Galveston area are flying up here. It may storm, but I wish it wouldn't. Our house if full of boxes they have had sent to our house so they don't have to bring it with them. I'll have the paper, bags, scissors and tags ready for them when they show up. On Christmas Eve it is supposed to get really cold and stay that way over Christmas Day. It will be nice to have some really cold weather. I remember Christmases when it was nearly 80 degrees...that isn't very Christmasy.

Enjoy your day of whatever you plan to do and I wish you a Christmas filled with family and friends and fun and plenty to eat. We can excercise later and I know an aerobics teacher I'd be happy to send to you. *angelic smile*


  1. A\wonderful read, I enjoyed it very much, there is always last minute things to do before the big day, Me? I tend to forget one thing every year, this year I have everything under control....I hope.


  2. Silver polish is for servants. Mom said you should only buy silver if you have servants. We never had any.

  3. Hi Amber,

    That's a shame about your water aerobics instructor behaving badly like that. Those sorts of classes are supposed to be fun and at least, recreational. Hope a new opportunity presents itself soon for a fun class with a good instructor. Swimmming is the greatest sport for kids I think anyway. We took our son to swimming lessons and then to team practices and he loved it. Now he swims at the university level and has a good time representing his school in meets. Plus, it's fun to watch the competitions that he he enjoys.

    Will take a look at the cookbook. One of my Christmas gifts to me is going to be hardback printing of the 2nd volume of Julia Child and Simone Beck's "Master the Art of French cooking."

    Best wishes,


  4. Whew! I'm tired just reading about your preparations! Hope you get it all done.

    Years ago I found a cheap and painless what to polish silverplate, using a soak of baking soda, aluminum foil and I think salt. You can find the formula on the Internet.

    Beats the heck out of rubbing polish and the smell of the polish.

  5. Wow, you are a busy girl. Good for you in relearning how to swim. Bet you'll pick it up really quickly. Sounds like the water aerobics has been helpful. Hope the instructor you like comes back. Hope you enjoy having your family together this Christmas.

  6. Abe and NW-1-The newer silver polishes aren't that bad.

    Yvonne-I forget lots of things every year.

    Skeeter...well, you know how there can be one in every group. I may take a yoga class from the intructor I like. She is my aerobics instructor Monday and Wednesday. Pioneer Woman's new cookbook is on the NY Times bestseller list again this week. I bought a bunch of them for gifts.

    Daisy, me too. It isn't starting out well. We had to take my fil to the hospital today with chest pains. They are keeping him overnight. We weren't able to get out to my brother's Christmas party and I'd got a brand new outfit for it. Oh well..I can wear it other places and times.

  7. Your cake sounds so good! You sure have been busy, too. I totally understand. Sounds like you all have a great Christmas planned. I totally hate being around negative people.

  8. My poor Joseph! God rest his porcelain soul.

    I'm sorry about your instructor, water aerobics work wonders for rheumatism.

    Love to you.