Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Race is On

I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland right now. We have been so busy, but the assisted living place told my husband it would probably be better if we didn't visit right now. That is one less thing today. They, the in laws, are settling in and actually went to a Sing Along the other day. We, on the other hand are going to weigh about one ton each by the New Year from all the parties and food...and the YMCA is going to be open on New Year's Day. I told them I wouldn't be there. I don't drink, so no horrific hangover for me, but that is a family day of football, blackeyed peas, cornbread and leftover ham, not a day to work out. *note to self to buy a ham* Our actual Christmas dinner will be a 9 pound pork roast that will be brined and cooked with brown sugar bourbon glaze...and lots of vegetables. I am going to make my praline sweet potatoes and if nobody wants any, well they'll just miss out.

Our kids will start to arrive December 23rd. I guess the other one(s) [her boyfriend is coming with her, and when they retire they are going to go to chili cookoffs and ride motorcycles] will come about the same time. We are going to spend Christmas Eve with everyone at our son's home and have dinner with them. That will be fun. I'll probably be the designated driver for that event.

Today is our 45th anniversary and I guess we are going to try to make some inroads at the house. However, I've been whining for a new Fossil watch that is water resistant and the one I'm looking at is resistant to 100 meters...far deeper than I'll ever go voluntarily. It has lots of sparklies on it, too. So, actually not a good watch for snorkeling, either. Eels and barracudas like sparkly stuff. And I get to go with him to return some clothes we had ordered for his mom to Coldwater Creek. There is always something there I like. I wonder what he might like?

Anyway, I'm late for a very important date and will see ya'll when I can find a few minutes to surf. Ya'll are in my heart and thoughts...especially the one with the weird indention at the notch in her throat. She can put a quarter in it...isn't that something! I've looked at mine and it isn't as fat as I thought, but I couldn't put much of anything in that notch...not even say a dime....whereas she can keep spare change in hers. She is hilarious, too.


  1. Enjoyed the read very much, a pleasure to read.


  2. It is good to hear things are settling down at assisted living. and you both have break in the hectic routine.

    Maybe Christmas really will arrive on time.

    At my house all is serene and I'm enjoying the lack of hectic activitiy we've imposed on ourselves this year.

    Translate all that to we are getting old!

  3. That a big roast. Just made one like it yesterday though. Seems to be a good time for the dish. Happy dining :-)

    Best wishes,


  4. Welcome to my world of poetry,
    Thanks....sometimes it seems like it is a waste of time....oh is goofing around and wasting time. :)

    NW-1, We were idiots to marry 1 week before Christmas! Wish we had everything done. Lots more to deal with today.

    My daughter wanted to have the pork roast and she is going to cook it, so no complaints from me.

    PJ, thank you.

  5. Hi Amber, Happy late Anniversary. I hope you get something good that you want. Your sweet potatoes sound wonderful to me. I have black eyed peas on New Years always. A pork roast sounds great!