Friday, December 4, 2009

Foiled but We Persevered

I was foiled at my attmept to get the h1n1 flu shot this morning. I'll try again at 2pm, but will try to make it down there at 1:30pm...maybe get a head start on them.


We returned to the health center at 1:30pm and there was already a line. We stood in line for a little more than 30 minutes and I was number 89 and hubby was 90. Yay! The workers only gave out 100 tickets for the vaccine. One more thing down.

I'm nearly done with my shopping, too. Got the book I ordered for my grandson today. It is the The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Things to Do. It shows how to make lots of cool things a boy should know in life. There are directions for a periscope and lots of other good stuff. Probably I should have ordered one for my hubby. He loves stuff like that...guess it is the engineer in him. After the shot business we went by Sears and bought a 4' air hockey table for TJ..but Gramma is the one who wants it, really. I wonder if we buy gifts because we like them or because they are the ones the child really wanted. Usually TJ loves what he gets for Christmas from Gramma and Grampa. But he really loves the extravaganza his dad puts on. I might have mentioned our grandson might be a little on the spoiled side...but not that much. He is still positive we are too poor to buy a whole lot of things.

I called our daughter in Galveston while we were standing in line at the health center, and it was snowing down on Galveston Bay. I wonder if PJ got snow. It is supposed to get down to 24F tonight in the Houston area. I told my dil we probably could just get her "C" gift certificates to nurseries for new plants after tonight. I know I had 5 bags of mulch to put in my flowerbeds, but they are still in the garage. My husband doesn't understand the whole point of mulch. He thinks it is something I just made up out of thin air...or as an excuse to spend money. Pedro was her yesterday and he probably would not have charged much to put it out. I'm not up to trying to call him. Bless him...his English is probably better than my Spanish. Sometimes I call "C" to translate for us.

Tonight it is going to be pizza and then kicking back on our new furniture to watch some tv. I didn't remember doing it, but I must have set up a surfing movie to tivo...cuz it is there. I love the documentary surfing movies. "Endless Summer" got me hooked and it has been a love affair ever since. They are making such good ones now...and some of the old school guys have become really old themselves. Age and sun have taken a heavy toll on Bruce Brown in the newer movies. "Riding Giants" was an eye opener and "Step Into Liquid", and the one tonight is "Billabong Odyssey". Laird Hamilton tells what his life was like and there are pictures of him as a boy, they tell how some of the finest surfers have died by waves and being caught by the leg rope in rocks. I don't know where they find the courage. I've never surfed and never will, but I love watching the riders on a long run in the curl. I can hardly wait.

Hubby's folks are moving on Wednesday or Thursday. He is going to tell them this weekend. It will probably be a tough one for all of us, but they won't remember at all...and will be shocked and so upset on the move in day.
Update again-after he went over to heat up their dinner he was nearly nutz from listening to his mother go on and on and on. I'm pretty sure he won't have any troubled feelings about putting them in the assisted living place. None.


  1. Just look toward Friday. Once they are IN the new place... then it's just a matter of praying they adjust quickly.

    You've had quite a couple of days! Glad you were able to get your h1n1... I hope it does it's job! :)

    I'm also glad to hear about all the friends you have now -- cuz for awhile there, they were droppin' like flies and I was really worried you might not have ANY! You're very good about going out and getting yourself involved in things though... that's good!

  2. Melli,
    When we get into the 60s some of our friends who don't have as good a genes or have lived a not so good life begin dying. It is hard to lose friends, and really hard to lose other friends. It was just a hard year and several just died.

    You are right about my ability to find another friend. Not the same as the old one, but someone to pal around with and joke with. We have a group at the Y that we get so tickled at each other it is funny. They accepted me right into their group and off we went. I'm having a blast there. I was sorry not to be able to make it today, but the h1n1 came first. I'm not all that interested in following the friends we lost this past year. :)

    Good thing about you is that you have stayed by my side when it was so bad. I knew you were there even if we didn't "see" each other for a day or so.

  3. Determination and the fact your husband is doing the right thing, saving them from themselves, will help you both preservere Friday moving.

    Spme peace of mind will return. G;ad upi gpt H1N1. I have but husband does not seem too interested.

  4. Friday. Oh I will rest so much easier and I know you will too!
    Yes, I will not look back at 2009 with much happiness as I lost too many people this year.

  5. Glad to see you got your shot. My Bob was an engineer and he would probably be helping the grandson with all those projects, too. Good luck with the in-laws moving this week. Hope it works out well for you all.