Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our First Ever White Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We had a white Christmas for the first time ever in Fort Worth! When I recover from all the up...I'll post some of the pictures. We even have snow that fell on Christmas Eve on the ground today! It was a most unusual Christmas for us.

Everyone in the house is exhausted and still in pjs and eating leftovers. Time for my trip back to the sofa and tv.


  1. We had snow on Christmas Eve, but rapidly disappeared before noon on Christmas Day. No pictures.

    Christmas Day was peaceful until I got a call from my half-brother that my other half brother was found dead on Christmas morning.

    Later I learned he died of a massive unexpected heart attack after just being given a "clean bill of healt" at the VA. I think all 'cboh' means is you're breathing.

    Since husband and I are really under the weather with bronchitis and respiratory distress we may not be able to make the long trip (over 500" mi one way) to Ennis.

  2. It was a terrible shock for you and everyone, I'm sure, NW-1...I'm so sorry. I agree that it would be too hard on you and your husband to try to make that long a drive to get to Ennis and to find a place to park Luckie, too. With your respiratory issues you all probably wouldn't be appreciated too much by your relatives, either. *gentle hug* They would probably be thinking H1N1 or the plain ole flu as soon as you coughed.

    A physical can't predict a massive heart attack, I'm pretty sure. There has been a lot of improvement in tests, but you are right about the cboh...keep on breathing, my friend.

    We were in Ennis this past spring when the bluebonnets were blooming.

    It is a nice town and the bluebonnets were something this past year.

  3. Here in the UK we've had awful weather for the past week, heavy snow in some parts, heavy rain in others and sub zero degrees causing severe ice, I was to go to Spain yesterday but the flight was cancelled.
    Take care.

  4. It rained here Christmas Eve and night and was in the 50's on Christmas Day. We got your weather Amber and you got ours! Usually, we have snow this time of the year. Your Christmas sounds lovely and tiring as was mine. I am glad to be back home but had a wonderful holiday. The Tater Tot is spending the night tonight. I am looking forward to seeing him again!

  5. We still had snow cover on Christmas day - all day - from the BIG snow. Then it started raining Christmas night and all day Saturday. It washed MOST of our 18" away! We still have some patches in the yard - but that's about it! I'm SO thankful for that rain! Without it, we likely would have had snow for a few more weeks!

    Today I got up and went to church - but I came home sO tired that I changed back into my jammies and went back to bed for 3 more hours! I have a feeling I'll be back in bed pretty soon too! I'm STILL tired!

    I look forward to your pictures!

  6. Hi Amber,

    Merry Christmas! A white Christmas there at long last. Guess the snow made it a little farther south than I thought it would. Cool! Did you have a snowman in your front yard?

    Best wishes,


  7. The girls were disappointed it melted so fast. When we explained snow does not last long in Texas, 5 year old Emma said..can we go swimming then?
    Have a great week...PJ:)

  8. Wasn't it the best? If it snows again today, go out and close your eyes,and think Alaska.LOL
    I do....

  9. Pye Cat...I'm on my way to play "Alaska".