Monday, December 7, 2009

The Thing From Which Memories are Made

When we left water aerobics today, some of us are faster than others leaving the locker room. I took my time today and made sure I had everything I had brought with me. Last Wednesday I left my bathing suit. This morning there was quite the hustle and bustle looking for my bathing suit. We looked high and low and I finally got out my old bathing suit, which if I'd looked at the size I'd have not worn it. It is vastly smaller than the blue one.

As I was walking into the Y the bathing suit situation was still on my mind and I was so vexed that we couldn't find it. My instructor, who is an absolute angel and so sweet and nice saw me and said "Good Morning, Amber." I misunderstood her and started telling her about the bathing suit fiasco. We laughed after she said, "I just said good morning." I asked her to throw me a towel if the bathing suit I had on exploded off my body, since it was several sizes smaller than the one I'd been wearing.

After class I was walking back to the front of the building and I was taking my time looking out the windows at the grey skies and misty cold weather when one of the little ladies from my water aerobics class started walking with me. She slipped her arm in mine and we walked silently for a bit and then she started singing, "Hark The Herald Angels Sing". There were so many things that happened this morning, but my memory will be of walking arm in arm with a little old lady down the hall at the YMCA singing Christmas Carols. That is the stuff from which memories are made.

btw-they had my bathing suit at the front desk. Thank You, Jesus!


  1. What can I say? I don't even own a bathing suit!

    Anyway, these experiences are memories and laughable once we distance ourselves from them.

    Somewhere in the midst of my Christmas memory posts will be some mishaps, which at the time were miserable, but decades removed from them are laughable or at least "smileable!"

  2. NW-1,
    That is how it goes with us..mainly. There have been days that were too awful to remember and laugh at all, but last night I got so tickled laughing about our oldest daughter's wedding a long time ago. I couldn't remember where her grandparents stayed and called her. We both nearly got down in the floor laughing about that whole thing.

    Sometimes little things, like singing Christmas carols with a little ole lady whose name I do not know will be a nice memory.

    We have had our share of grief and sorrow, but we have had some durn weird things happen, too.

  3. That is soooooo SWEET! I love it! I'm not an arm-in-arm type person... but sometimes I WISH I were! That is just darling! I wish I had seen you two -- that would have made my day!

  4. Melli,
    We are like Mutt and Jeff...she is so short and I'm so tall. It was fun and I wish you had been there, too.