Friday, December 4, 2009

Small world

I'm going in the morning to try to get the H1N1 shot. They have FINALLY decided Tarrant County can have some of it. I think everyone in Dallas has been immunized. They got all and we got none until now. The reason I'm interested in getting the immunization is I have to take those yucky meds that suppress my immune system and my doc told me if I could get one to do it.

I was so looking forward to a slow day, but the shot thing will be early (9ish) and then to water aerobics and then home to clean and iron. We are drowning in unironed clothes and sheets, but we got new furniture today, by golly. It is very large. It did look large in the store, and it grew on the way here to ourlandish proportions. So, ironing while watching tv is out. Bummer...maybe I can rig something around in the kitchen so I can watch tv and iron.

Today I went with our lunch bunch for our little Christmas outing. It was good to see them and we lunched at a little restaurant in our big park. The trees were beautiful...reds and golds everywhere. We get together once a month and I don't see them much any other time. They all belong to the Woman's Club...very exclusive in our town, and I'm not a member. They have asked, but I'm not sure how I could work it in...and I mean that literally.

One of our other groups had a little get together tonight that was pot luck...I bought a cheese, sausage, and ham with crackers plate and others brought other neat stuff. It was good to sit and chat with people we haven't seen in a while because we have been so busy.

Our calendar is full and I am grateful and happy for it to be so. There have been times when we had nothing to do and not that many friends. Now we have friends and they like or are interested in the same things we do. Found out at lunch one of the ladies who lunches with us and lives a block from me was at that Garrison Keillor show the other night. We could have ridden together. Small world.


  1. WOW your calendar is full for every day.

    I thought my Christmas decisions would lighten my load, but I hasten to add, What would it be if we had not made these decisions?

    There is sickness and uncertainty on both sides of our family. I suppose this abides in all of us in my age group, so I try to be thankful for each day I wake up breathing.

  2. Me too, girl...every day above ground is a good one.