Friday, April 9, 2010

As The Day Turns

Yesterday was one full day! Met my pack of girlfriends at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant and had a lovely lunch in the middle of the lush spring flowers. Then I was off to home hoping for some time to clean or something useful. Didn't happen. Hubby wanted to go look at cars. We've been talking about getting a new one for some time now. I don't know what I want, but comfort is really high on my list of must haves. We drove a GMC Terrain that from looking at on the internet and in magazines looked totally,cool. I didn't like it, but it would be a great little car for soccer moms. The osteoporosis in my back didn't like it, either. So now that I was totally unable to move w/o pain we decided to check out the Cadillacs. I got to tell you the CTS although very cool wasn't what I wanted, either. It felt very snug.

We then drove a Cadillac SRX which I'm not sure is it, either. Buying a car is the most labor intensive, mind wrenching ordeal next to childbirth or buying a house Ive experienced. We had an appointment with the salesman to discuss stuff, but I'm not ready to wrangle yet. Also, I want to check out some of the other brands. It has been 10 years since we've bought a car and actually I've come to like my car pretty well. For real I wish hubby would trade in his POS pickup...but I'm not seeing that happen yet. However, when we were out I saw a bad ass PU that almost stole my heart. It was black and big and a Texas version...I fell in love, but it was sort of ridiculous for me to get in and out of with my back issues. Oh well. If I had scads of money I'd be like Jay Leno and have cars and trucks everywhere. But, I am not, so I have to make the best, most informed decision possible. My Avalon has been a great car and isn't one of those that run away with you.

Hubs is on the other computer looking at Hundais and other things. It is time for me to go to water aerobics...some idiot is texting my husband...and it is time to make a break for it. I sent them a message telling them to STOP. Hopefully it will work. It did when I was working and someone started texting my work phone from Holland or something. The tech at the phone store texted them to STOP and they did. There needs to be blocking feature on cell phones.

The weather is supposed to be really nice today and for a few more days. Thank goodness the wind has died down. It has been very stong for a long time now.
Have a happy day and I'm outta here.


  1. hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Loved the post, you did have a busy day didn't you?

    Have a wonderful week-end.

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  4. Hi Amber,

    Glad the weather is well back thatta way. Am in New York for awhile and it's SNOWING!!! Everywhere I travel the snow monster follows. Where is globald warming when you need it?

    Best wishes,


  5. Girrrrrrl... I HATE car shopping! Oh do you REMEMBER when Dennis made me shop for my own car??? It took forever! I hate it! Truly! I feel for you! I wish you luck though, and I hope you find the PERFECT car - in this century!

    Our weather is gorgeous today to and I need to get out in it! So ... that's what I'm off to do!

  6. TaDa...thank you. Hope you have a great weekend, too. Mine has been wild so far.

    I didn't even tell about the meeting I missed! I think I've overextended myself!

    Whitney Bean 99...glad you enoyed yourself here.

    Skeeter!! Good to hear from you! I was wondering where you had gotten to now. So, it is snowing in NY...oy. It is 76F here today and very balmy. One of those days I wish I could have a beer in the afternoon, but I can't. I'll bet you'll be glad to get back home. Are you coming back around Christmas or something? We like snow then.

    Oh Melli,
    It is so hard to make a decision. My heart longs for a Cadillac, but I'm not sure they are very good cars now. Maybe..I'll check Consumer Report. This month is the car issue.

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