Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Golden Compass

I rented The Golden Compass last night while hubby and the kid went to the TCU football game and found it to be a pretty good movie. There was so much going around about how it was an "evil" movie when it came out I wasn't sure about seeing it then. I pretty much make up my own mind about what is evil and what isn't and so far this is not. It does make me curious about all those emails that came about the time of the release of this movie. Maybe I'll read all the books to find out. It is science fiction, ya'll.

In the movie all the people who live in that world have a daemon who is their soul on the outside. Which would come in really handy if you wanted to know what kind of person someone was. Nicole Kidman's character, Mrs. Coulter's daemon was not so cute. Even Sam Elliot is in it, and that can't be bad. At the movie website you can find your own Daemon by answering some questions. Above is my personal Daemon, Nicoleus.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and New Line Cinema are teaming up to bring attention to the plight of polar bears and other creatures affected by global warming. To learn more, go to:


  1. ROFL!!! I don't think it's "evil" -- its just anti-Christianity. Well... okay... I guess that makes it evil. But it's not BLATANTLY evil. It is just he "opposite" of The Narnia series - which is very Christian.

  2. It wasn't anti Christian from what I saw...and it is sci fi, ya'll