Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike...what can I say

I wouldn't plan a trip now. They are expecting the entire island to be underwater. At 10am there was already water in The Strand area and coming up over the sea wall. At 11am there are people on rooftops on Bolivar Pennisula. The hurricane isn't making landfall until about 11pm tonight. There is much more information and awesome pictures on KHOU the Houston tv station. The usual idiots are on the Galveston Island seawall playing with the surf....when the newsguy just said he nearly got swept away just a few minutes ago. Crystal Beach is under water. A friend of our's mother and brother have homes there. I'm sure they are up here with him now.

In 1900 there was a devastating hurricane that covered the entire island and killed almost everyone there. There is much information at this url Clara Barton traveled down to Galveston to set up help and recovery. She was 78 then and was the head of the American Red Cross which was 19 years old at that time. That was her last disaster.

Click for Galveston, Texas Forecast

It is going to be very bad for my daughter's home and my friend, PJ's home. However, they both are safe in their respective havens for the moment. The storm surge is expected to be 20 feet or more their areas.


  1. I'm praying hard for you all down there, Amberstar!

  2. Amber, you have ALL been in my prayers! I'm sO glad to read that PJ got away and was heading for her Mom's.... I have just prayed myself silly over this hurricane! I hope you are ALL safe and that Daughter's family, and PJ have homes to go back to!!!

    Gotta run! Love you!

  3. You are all in my prayers.