Thursday, September 11, 2008

No serenity these days

Well, these days have not been serene at all. Ike is coming right for my daughter's house and for my friend's in Galveston. I don't think there will be a reprieve this time, but I'm still praying there won't be a 20' surge and get their homes. My daughter is up here and my friends from Galveston are on the road somewhere going to her mom's. My daughter is staying with her brother this time. I'm sure that is fun with her four or five cats added into the household 2 cats, one dog, and one 7 year old boy. I can't wait to get down there tomorrow.

We spent the morning pruning trees away from the house and cutting and bundling them, so the trash guys will take it tomorrow. It was hot here today. While we were working on this task my father in law called to ask for help reporting his phone outage. He had gone to his neighbor's house. So, hubby had to stop and go over to check out the deal. I had reported it, as well as, my fil, and I asked for an expedited service call, but was denied because 0f the hurricane. South Texas will need techs down there, but my in laws are 90 and 91 years old. That wasn't a factor to our phone company. My husband took my cell over, but they couldn't figure it out. Maybe soon they will begin to understand they really need more than we can provide.

Anyway, back to it being hot and it was HOT while I was cutting and bundling limbs. Hubs returned just about the time I was about to perish and finished it. After we got everything put away I came in, shucked my clothes and got in a cold shower to cool off. Afterwards I put on a clean nightgown and put a clean sheet over the couch cushions and watched some tv. That is a wonderful way to spend a hot afternoon.

We should know more by this time tomorrow night about Ike and the fate of our family and friends. If you are in the path of Ike, God bless you and protect you.

All this and the memory of all that was lost on 9-11...lives, buildings, planes, hope and a feeling of safety in our own country. I did take a few moments to think and remember that awful day.


  1. You and your family are in my prayers.

  2. Amber, I pray your daughter and friend's homes will be o.k. Thank God they are getting out in time and no lives will be lost. I will be thinking of you and your family this weekend.