Monday, September 22, 2008

The visit from the foundation guys

The foundation guys came and repaired the thing again. They have to come about every couple of years to make adjustments. The fun of living in Texas on heavy clay soil that expands and dries up like crazy is that you get to know your foundation guys. Ours are just the nicest ones. They even bring their own microwave to heat their lunch. The first time I saw them plugging it in out on the patio I was sort of surprised, but thought well of their ingenuity. They were probably pretty impressed today because since they were here last we had an electric plug put on the front porch. Bless their hearts we hadn't put all the cushions on the patio furniture so they would be comfy on their lunch break. I really do like these guys. They only speak Spanish and mine isn't that great so pretty much I just listen to them giving each other a hard time. They cleaned up after themselves, both the foundation work stuff and lunch stuff, and left the flower beds looking better than before they came. I guess there is a silver lining to most everything.

My poor husband...after a while he decided to go down to get the sticker for his license plates. He had just left a little while when the nurse that goes over to check on his mom called to give me the medicine information. Then in about five minutes his dad called to say the riding lawn mower had just come all to pieces and he just didn't know what to do. It is real heavy and all and he didn't know where all the pieces had gone. He was just all adither about it and since he had a heart attack a few years ago he isn't supposed to lift much of anything. Anyway then he told me that lawn mower is real heavy and all. I knew I couldn't leave the fondation guys here alone and couldn't get hubby on his cell that won't stay one for some weird reason. Anyway after he got home I gave him the bad news about the lawn mower. It couldn't stay in the vacant lot because it probably wouldn't have been there for long. So he went over and took care of it all. He is a saint.

I threw the poor guy a curve ball today by telling him that either going to Port Aransas or coming home I would like to go by Salado. That left him thunderstuck because it wasn't in the "original plan" and Salado is like way over there by San Marcos and he is probably wondering what on earth do I want to buy now. Or is it that I want to eat at the Inn there? The Inn doesn't have a menu and they have the oldest waitresses anywhere to tell you what is on the menu and you better get it right. I've wondered if the waitstaff has always worked there or if they hire retired ladies for this work. We have stopped there many times and the staff has always been on the older side, but the visits were so far apart that I didn't know if they were the same ones or not. Maybe, if hubby gets too upset with me I can get a job there. They do have very pretty blue water carafes for the table. The food is good. I have no idea why he wouldn't want to stop. It isn't out of the way at all....if we come home up I35 through Austin and all. We need to go that way anyhow just to see what has changed in that area. However, I do like going the back roads and Hico has a great gas station. And you can buy Dublin Dr. Peppers there without having to actually go the extra 20 miles on to Dublin. I think we will go down on the back roads and home on the interstate.

I'm still loving the new cast on method and have stopped many times today to cast on some yarn. It is the long tail cast on or the double cast on and I feel so smart now that I know it. However, I thought I'd forgotten for one panic stricken moment, but got it back.

Young pretty Charlise Theron is on the Tonight show and is pretty funny singing Freddy Mercury songs while drinking a margarita and getting Jay Leno to sing the bass part.

I'll get back to posting pictures soon....oh too much work.

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  1. And now that your foundation is in order, how are the drapes hanging?

  2. Sounds like your hubby sure does stay busy. I like the part where he wonders what you are going to buy now! lol. Love the picture. That is funny.

  3. That's so funny. My husband is the same way. He'll say, "Why on earth do you want to go there?" He likes to go from point A to Point B in as straight a line as possible. Me? I like to stop and smell the roses!

  4. Oh thankfully we do NOT have to mess with foundation guys... but when I get home this weekend I have to give a call to the exterminator guys and the ceiling repair guys and some of the doctor guys....

    I'm going to be redoing my kitchen sooner than I thought!!!

  5. By the way... MY hubby would have 7 million reasons why we could NOT stop in the place waaaaay over there!

    (and he doesn't yet know I'm doin' the kitchen!)