Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small comforts

I've been busy as a birdog all day, but wanted to let you know that my daughter's office is ok, too. She called as she was driving to Kemah and was telling me how terrible it was all the way there with boats on the side of the roads and all. The destruction is so tragic. When she got to her office there was mud all the way up to the top of the steps, but none had gotten inside and the upstairs was ok as well. She has been so very lucky this time, and I think she knows it in a big way.

The friend with the boat still has it. The one boat that could have gone to the bottom or up on the roads and nobody would have cared is still afloat and she is back in it. Another friend had gone back to his home and left to get something and then the authorities wouldn't let him back into his sub division. He was telling them "See my cat in the window??" We aren't sure if they let him go back in to get the cat or not, but surely they did.

My youngest daughter's bf is back in Baltimore...the land of hot showers and clean sheets and electricity. He slept in this morning before going to work and was so grateful for the small comforts in life. Heck, it is nearly air conditioned outside up there. The weather is very pleasant. One thing that has made it possible for the people in the Houston/Galveston area to keep their sanity during this is there was a big cool front that came through a day or so after Ike. Thank you, God.


  1. I am glad things turned out so well for your family.

  2. Yes, Quilly, my daughter has been truly blessed during this dreadful time. Please continue to pray for the next door neighbor.

  3. Yes, your family was certainly blessed! I hear our PJ was not quite so blessed... But at least she has her sense of humor! THAT really does wonders! All in trouble are in my prayers!