Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not much new

We have been busy with fall housecleaning, I guess. We bought some new drapes and before we get them hung we've started cleaning so they will look their case I decide they need to go back. Wish we could get the rooms painted and new flooring, too.. but I'm not seeing moving al the furniture in my future. I could hardly walk this evening from overdoing today.

We are going to the beach not this next week, but the next for some fishing and hanging out. Our condo is right on the beach and hubby thinks surf fishing will be just the ticket...walk right out from the room and fish. I can sit on the deck and watch him.

Since the kids around Galveston seem to be ok all of a sudden I'm starting to crash a little. We were all so tense for so long we are finally relaxing some. My creative side is concerned with drapes and the throw I'm knitting now and there just isn't anything for writing at this time.


  1. Maybe later we can see a post of the clean house and new drapes? I'm glad you are busy and well.

  2. I need to actually finish the laundry, do some grocery shopping, so Hubby doesn't starve while I am away at the dog show, and do the dusting and vacuuming.
    But since my morning started out really bad already, (stepped in doggy doo, burned finger on coffee maker, and got an error message on my computer) I'm thinking I need to just go back to bed!

  3. I need new carpet and new floors, too, but just dread the thought of moving everything to get it done and it is so expensive. I am glad your children are doing o.k. It will be nice to get away and just come down for a while.