Sunday, September 21, 2008

Knitting breakthrough

Oh my gosh...I had a knitting breakthrough tonight!! While reading Crazy Aunt Purl the other day she referenced the Knitting website. Naturally I had to look and watched a video about a better way to cast on. It looked complicated and later I tried it to no avail. It was a dismal failure on all counts. Even my husband tried helping me and actually while I was watching him it started to make sense, but we couldn't figure it out. I emailed one of my friends for help and she thanked me for showing her such a cool site and would show it to her Needlework Group, thank you. She offered no help whatsoever or even to put me in contact with one of her Needlework Group friends from the Woman's Club. On my own again I tried it off and on for most of this past week, and for some reason tonight it came together and is the coolest thing in my world right now. I love it! It is so much neater and how about this...after you cast on this way you have already knitted the first row! Now that is one cool stitch! It is such fun when a learning process happens and all the cylinders click in place and you have that Aha! moment....and it actually works. That is wonderful.

Oh...I'm watching the Emmys and Oh My...Mary Tyler Moore certainly needs to come to grips with the fact that she can no longer wear sleeveless clothing. A shawl or something would go a long way to covering her emaciated arms. It might be from diabetes or age, but good gravy, cover up, Mare.

Curtain hanging progresses and room cleaning continues. There is a snag with some sheers that I want to go behind some tab tops, and we will have to see. One rod didn't come in and actually the way it was worded in the Penny's catalogue I thought the one I bought was the only one. Alas, not so. Sixty more dollars and it was mine.....and no shipping. Got an email this afternoon saying it had shipped. So, if it gets here in time so I can hang the ones it is for maybe all will be well for a while.

The foundation guys are the morning. Hopefully they can get it to last this time.


  1. You could take a photo of your knitting -- or video yourself so we can see how to do it! (Just throwing out helpful blogging ideas here, not that you aren't doing just fine without them.) I'm looking forward to the finished curtain project.

    Remember Punny Monday is just a few hours away!

  2. Oh you make me feel so guilty that I have not been knitting. Bad me! Must work at it a little more!

  3. Bossy missed the Emmys! Ohhhhh gahhhhhh.

  4. I started watching the Emmys and went to sleep on them. I guess I missed Mary. She used to be so pretty. I wonder how old she is.

  5. What cast on method did you learn? My knitting is taking a back seat to my blogging right now but I'll get back to it.

    Foundation problems, that's one think I do not miss about living in Texas. Good luck, that seems to be an on-going problem.