Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The kids are home!

Our refugee kids are back at their house....they have no electricity, no water, but the land line phone works. Nobody is sure about the natural gas yet. Mainly because when my daughter called to let me know she had gotten home ok she said she couldn't talk because she had to save the battery on her cell. My dil called a while ago asking me if I was supposed to call everyone. I told her I wasn't told to because she was going to be calling people. Anyway, my dil was pulling my leg because they had called her on the land line and had a chat. The water nearly got up into the pool and if it had been a little higher than that it would have gotten into the house, but the good news is that the roof leak that had been fixed right before all this happened didn't leak. YAY!

She did say there was a lot of damage down there and it will be a good long while before it is back to "normal".

Thanks to all of you who have followed along with this saga and prayed for her. It worked.



  1. I am so glad they are home and things look good for them and the roof did not leak. I know you are so relieved about the situation. I am sure they are very thankful. Great news to hear!

  2. That's great news. We are "home" as well but ours is not livable.
    It is still standing however and that is a blessing. I'll touch base with you soon with more details...PJ:)

  3. Oh PJ, I'm so sorry there was a lot of damage. I'd IMed you and hadn't heard anything back. I've been very worried about you and John and the cats. Take care and thank you, God, that the house is still standing.

    Thank you for staying with this and for your kindness. You have become a good friend.