Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back in the saddle again

Today was a beautiful day here in Texas. The sun shone the skies were blue and the temperature was balmy. It was a sure sign spring is nearly here. We will still have some cold weather because Easter isn't until April 4th...we get one last cold spell before Easter. I repotted tomatoes into larger containers the end of last week. They are getting pretty big now. I'm going to try to find some other varieties this week. It is good to start them early and keep them in the greenhouse until time to plant. Starting from seeds in there didn't work out too well last year. I guess old habits are hard to break...I just didn't think about the seeds until it was a little late.

Our friend's life has been well and truly celebrated. I know he would have loved it and he was there in spirit. I know I kept expecting to see him come around a corner.
He had so many friends and so many who are very talented. I saw musicians there that I hadn't thought of in years. Trent loved jazz, dressed like a cowboy, and had the gentle heart of a poet. He will be so missed.

This week is going to be uber busy with stuff I don't want to do, but have to. Meetings and appointments everyday nearly...and I'd rather be elsewhere.

Have a wonderful week if I can't get back to you right away.


  1. Lovely to hear from you again, Yes spring looks well and truly on it's way with bulbs emerging into view.Though still a bit chilly we do have sunshine.

    Take care and don't work too hard.

  2. Sounds like the wake was all the your friend would have wanted. It is our last party so it should be grand. So glad he was remembered well.

  3. Hi Amber, Glad to see you back again. It is getting to be a busy time with the weather breaking. Hope you have a good week.

  4. Well, I'm planning to plant another trashcan garden this year! That was so much fun last year I just have to! But it won't be startin' from seeds! I think I'm going to try to find summer squash this year though - instead of cucumbers. And maybe somethin' else... depends what I SEE I guess!

    I'm glad that you all got to celebrate Trent. Sounds like he was a good ol' egg!

    Hope you have a good week - even if you don't wanna be doin' what your doin.

    It's going to be time for me to start planning VBS soon! Can you BELIEVE it??? I can't! WOW!

  5. Yesterday was a gorgeous day and so warm I was tempted into buying a load of stuff. Today was cold rainy and pretty miserable. I got chilled at the church during our meeting and I just remembered my little plants on the patio table. I'll get them in before bed.

    Melli! It cannot be time for VBS again!! Oh My!

    The Southern Lady aka, is getting to be so tempting to put out new plants. It is time to get the last of the leaves raked and beds ready for the new little plants. I'm going to try some Heirloom Tomatoes that are something Cherokee and are purple. Guy at the nursery said they were really good ones.

    Akrkansas Patti, Yes to what you should be and it was. You getting the planting itch yet?

    Yvonne, It is still a little cool here for planting much of anything yet. Easter is a little late and we will have another really cold spell before. This weekend is going to be one cold one. After it warms up in Texas...Katy bar the is a furnace before long. We don't have too long a springtime. We don't ever get tired of it for sure.