Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh My Aching Parts

The Food Bank expedition went well. There were 6 of us...the high school bunch, and 4other kids. Two girls and two boys helped...actually they did their part and were friendly enough. They looked like TCU students, but somehow or other I would have bet money they were doing community service, which is ok with me. Extra hands came in very handy.

There were lots of cans that had to be washed off and checked for anything that might split at the welds. That would result in some very bad food...and very bad for anyone who ate it. It didn't seem to be hard work, but the repetition of lifting one can after another and ultimately putting it into a box until the box weighed 42 pounds was cumulative and agonizing. Last night my parts ALL hurt. I'm a biggo whiner, but I was up very late last night trying to sleep without much success until about time for my husband to get up. It is Sunday and there is going to be a big dose of rest prescribed for me today. We have done our good deeds for a while and I can tell you for sure I'm extraordinarily happy I don't have to work like that everyday.

Another thing that added to the general inability to sleep was that I got the email from Bossy about her trip and that she will be in our area before long. I now remember what it was like to be a kid. I couldn't sleep or stop thinking about it or do much of anything but have my mind run wild about meeting her and the other bloggers in my area for real. I've been reading her blog for several years and she is very funny. I just called my daughter about a place that would be fun to meet with her. On the east coast they went to a bowling alley and had a really good time.

My cousin had emailed about the Bossy thing and she is as excited as I am, and she is trying to quit smoking. I gave her a lot of tips that helped me when I quit. I hope they help. Smoking is an ugly taskmistress. On April 1st, I will be smoke free for three years. She is a strong woman and I'm pretty sure she will beat down that old thing.

My sister is going to be able to go with us, too. She doesn't have a blog, but I keep nagging her about it. She is funny as all get out and one of the few people in the world who can get me so tickled I pee my pants. I'm ready for her now though. PK do your best to get me laffin' that hard again. She uses the screen name PK, and I think it should be Possum. Possum is a pretty funny word in itself.

If you live near the Fort Worth/Dallas area go quick to I Am Bossy's blog and join us! I think it will be so cool to meet some women from my area who like blogging. It is like going to Blog Her without all the hassle.

It is time for my nap....oh man!


  1. I am sorry I am not in that area, sounds like fun,

    Enjoy your Sunday.


  2. I wish you were, too! I'm going to take a nap this afternoon. Enjoy your day...well, I guess your day is nearly over. Hope you have a lovely evening.

  3. Thank you... that song helped inspire me through my cancer battle "going through hell" by Rodney Atkins... thanks for your comment

  4. TaDa,
    It is a very good song that has some very good advice.

  5. It is good to know that those "community hours" you hear about might actually do some good.
    Have a blast with Bossy, I will check her out.

  6. Wish I was in the area ... or could be in the area... Goodness - I've known you longer than any other blogger I haven't met yet! That's CRAZY!

  7. We have been through some ups and downs with some of the groups we've belonged to and I'm so glad we met. I've known a few other people online longer than you, but rarely hear from them...mainly Christmas and other holidats. We go our separate ways and come back together from time to time. You are my friend and I love ya.