Saturday, March 20, 2010

It is snowing here in Texas!

'Tis the first day of Spring here in Texas and it is snowing. How weird is that! The weather guy said we would probably get an inch or so of the white stuff. Maybe...oh maybe after this it will finally be spring for real.


  1. Listen CARRRRREfully...
    ... you listenin?...
    The EAST coast does NOT want it!

  2. I'm with Melli. I want spring to stay and last!

  3. Me, too...let's send it to Florida or somewhere. I'm ready for spring, as well. When I looked out a while ago there was only a little bit on the outside table and grill. The snow grains are very small and it has been warm....oh yeah....ya'll don't care about just don't want anymore snow.

  4. Spring will come, hang in there. When it does, it will be all the more wonderful. Did you take pictures of the snow?

  5. It is raining here. But a fried of mine has a plant called snow lily. supposedly when they bloom it has to snow on them at least one time, before winter is truly over.

    I surely hope one flake falls on them this round as I'm tired of this stuff.

  6. I know I am nuts but I was hoping we would get one last hurrah here also. Just rain however.

  7. Kat_RN, we just got a dusting of snow and there wasn't really all that much to take a picture of. On the other side of town there was 9" at the airport and offically there was 1.5" of snow.

    NW-1, I thought you were out traveling. We were out looking the other day when it was warm and lovely and your naked lady lillies had foliage like crazy.

    A Patti, I know what you mean. I'm not looking forward to changing out closets and trying on my summer clothes. The prednisone causes me to eat more and to gain weight just on its own. ugh...but it does help with the pain a lot.