Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today Was Much Much Busier Than I'd Planned

Early this morning when I posted below that it was going to be a busy day...I had no idea how busy. I spent a great deal of time yesterday gathering up my mil's clothes because I knew there were more...they were just in that hidey hole somewhere. I found them with their assorted stains and such. Their washing machine and dryer left a great deal to be desired, and I think she forgot the clothing had been worn. She would hang it up or fold it and put it away dirty. Also, her stain removal tip must have been straight bleach. There were holes in some of the cotton clothes. However, I did get a nice assortment of more summery things clean and ready for her. I was helping hubby get them into his truck to take over to the nursing home when he didn't come back. I started wondering where he was and came back into the house to find him. He was on the phone with the nursing center about his dad. They were having him taken to the hospital. After lunch he had been taken to the common room where his head fell over onto his chest and they couldn't wake him. So off we went to get her clothes out of his truck so he could meet them at the hospital and I could grab a shower and get dressed. I'd been ironing her clothes all morning. As it turns out he has a very severe kidney infection and they have put him on IV antibiotics and have admitted him to the hospital. He was stable enough for me to leave for a dental appt., I've been biting the side of my tongue from time to time and wanted to make sure all was ok. It was.

I called hubby on the way home to tell him I was going on home, if all was well. He said it was and that they are going to get hospice to come out to help care for him at the home. After I hung up I started crying about it all. I know my husband would like to have a good cry from time to time. This is hard work caring for them and she is so far gone that she never is grateful for anything that is done for her. I hope I die before I get like that. So anyway, it was a busier day than I'd thought it would be and a sadder day than I had any idea that it would be. Right now I have a sinus headache and my tooth hurts, but I only have a callous on my tongue. I guess I really do yap too much. Also, I've been clenching my teeth today and lately all the time and owie...that isn't a good thing to do. It is time for a quick nap and some recovery.

Melli, I'll get that chocolate thing up tonight later. I just gotz to sleep for a few minutes while the a/c is going. Today is hot...bet you already knew that one. *shaking my head*

ps-lemon mixed with salt and rubbed into a rust stain then hang the white cotton garment in the sun over a shrub, is a good tip for the big giant rust stain on one of her a white dresses.

I am not in the mood for John wassis..looks like it should be pronounced Boner and his junk or the silly tea party that I call the teabag party. I'm in a mood for NO more stress. And what is the big deal...the world is going to come to an end December 12th, 2012 anyway. That is before most of this insurance stuff will go into effect. Just let me alone for a little while. My sister and cousin are all freaked out they are going to lose their jobs, because they work in small business and the owners can't afford insurance for all of the workers....some of whom are from other countries south of us....you know. I'm putting myself out of my misery right now and going to sleep....'tis naptime for AmberStar.


  1. The lemon and salt thing works with tea on colored things too. So sorry your day was sad, hope tomorow is better.

  2. When the sun rises tomorrow it's the re birth of another day. I do hope it will be better than today and all goes well with those who are ill. You deserve your nap, have a restful sleep.
    Take care.#

  3. Hon, you need some rest. It is so hard when our parents get to that point. I went through it with Hubby's Dad as he was living with us during his decline. It took every ounce of energy that I had.
    Bless your dear husband and you. And hang in there.

  4. Becoming the parent and caregiver to our parents is brutal. Sadly, living longer does not guarantee living well.
    Be sure you schedule some "me" time for you and your husband. You need battery recharging to keep going.

  5. Thank you all for the kindness of caring. I have done the parent of my parents in the past, but my husband has never had to step into those shoes. He has been a stalwart man dealing with all that has happened and double for him.

    I feel better today, but my back is still sore from being so tense yesterday. He has gone up to the hospital to talk with the hospice people. It doesn't mean my fil is dying, but they will help him more than the people where they are can now.

    Patti, I do try to have some time just for us. Wednesday has been "Our" day. They have 1/2 price on movie tickets at our favorite theater and we go to lunch or dinner, too. It is our little date night/day.

  6. It seems stress comes in bunches.

    What would everyone do without hospice. My husband's sister is forever thankful as her husband has hospice daily and an aide for bathing, etc. He is terminal with kidney cancer, given about 6 months a few days before last Thanksgiving.

    She hurt her back, nearly incapcitated herself, and cannot do any lifting or assisted lifting of her husband.

    Whether we like it or not Healthcare is law. I have reservations about some things-didn't do anywhere near enough for the donut hole for those who have to endure that profitable component of present insurance law. But you gotta start somewhere.

    Regardless of opinion, it is horrific the Dems are being threatened terrorifically as reported in recent news flashes today.

    Differences are settled at the ballot box in a civilized democratic, and as far as that goes, socilistic democratic, societies.

    Oh well, have a good nap..infact take two!

  7. UGH! Sorry yesterday turned out like that! Sheeeeesh! Ya just don't knOw from one day to the next... Hope your fil is feeling better soon. You can't expect his mom to appreciate anything anymore. Whatever you do for her you just do - out of the kindness of your heart and because it's what you want to do. Appreciate yourSELF for it! You're a good woman! And really you do it for your husband... right? And I know he DOES appreciate it! :)

    I have a friend who might appreciate your tip about lemon juice and salt! I'm going to go tell her right NOW! :) Thanks!