Friday, March 26, 2010

Dry Shampoos

While shopping at our local Ulta the other day I saw something that was like a timewarp whiplash. It was dry shampoo. For real it was right there in front of me and I still couldn't believe anyone would be so gross as to use it.

Dry shampoo was around when I was a girl and it didn't really work well. It was gross because it didn't really get your hair just put powdery stuff in your hair and then you brush it out. That is just so not cool. If people think it is a time saver think again. It took forever to brush the mess out and it still looked icky. However, there is a generation born all the time that just doesn't know and they think this is some new wonderful invention that nobody has ever thought of. Blech is all I have to say on this subject. Here is a place to read about the junk...just in case you have forgotten or were in the generation, "gen no powdery hair" and never heard of it.

I guess they probably have some powdery crap to put on your body so you don't really have to bathe. What is the world coming to? I'm heading for the shower to wash my hair and my other parts so I'll be clean and get this out of my mind.


  1. I can well remember the "Dry Shampoo" when I was a child. as yous say it was awful, I thought it had died a death, I haven't seen it in the UK for many a year.

    Loved your post.Have a great week-end.

  2. ROFLMBO! Ohhhhhh I remember that stuff! I think I tried it... ONCE! The thing is, I didn't understand how it could work EVEN AS A TEEN - and I still don't! Okay ... it "soaks up" some oil? But it's still on your HEAD! I'm with ya! TOTALLY gross! EW!

  3. I guess if you were really really sick and couldn't stand up or get wet...well, it might be better than nothing, but you'd have to have been cut from stem to stern to have an excuse good enough. Or our area has lost water for some reason like a tornado over the water works, or an would have to be something very substantial to justify it.

    And doesn't work. My mother made me use it once, operative word being once, and it was not good.

  4. Did I ever tell you about the weeks I spent in a body cast? Dry shampoo is worse than no shampoo, trust me I remember it

  5. Oh goodness yes, that is terrible stuff! I remember trying it as a teen and blech! left me feeling very UNCLEAN~

  6. I tried it once and you are right. I was awful. If you didn't get it all out and were rained on, it developed paste balls.

  7. Oh Patti....that is so funny I'm about to slide off the sofa thinking about how horrible that would be to have paste balls on your head! Ugh.

    PJ...oh bless your awful.