Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hershy's Better: Blog Hop

This Easter season, Hershey is celebrating it’s new Easter products sold exclusively at Walmart and their legacy of making a difference and Hershey’s will donate up to a total of $5,000 to the Children’s Miracle Network together with bloggers.

How can we do this together? It’s simple:

Participate to Hershey’s Better Basket Blog Hop of giving away virtual Easter Baskets by creating a blog post with specific rules described here.

Hershey Company will donate $10 per each blog post to CMN, up to total of $5,000.
One blog post per URL counts towards the donation, but you can give as many virtual Easter baskets as you want.

The Hershey’s Better Basket Blog Hop will officially begin at 12 AM EST on March 18th and end at 12 PM EST on April 4th, 2010. Blog posts submitted to us before or after that time period will not be counted for.

The blog post link has to be submitted to us for the donation to be counted.
In addition copy and paste the following text in your blog post:

Melli gifted ME with an Easter Basket by tagging me!

~ the Hershey’s Better Basket Blog Hop is Here ~

◦Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.
◦Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
◦Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
◦Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
◦Leave your link at comment section. You can also find the official rules of this #betterbasket blog hop, and more information about Better Basket with Hershey’s there.
◦Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to the Better Basket Blog Hop to Children’s Miracle Network (up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).
◦Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

I am tagging

Judy of Living On The Other Side of The Hill
Nit Wit 1 of Coward's Corner with Luckie
Arkansas Patti of The New Sixty

Or anyone who would like to play, all the info to post your link is here and on the Hershey website. It is a good thing!

PS-Mr. Bunny Rabbit is sure grumpy looking, but I guess if you had just laid a plastic egg the size of a hand grenade filled with chocolate candy you might be a little unsettled, too.


  1. Hi Amber, I just put up a post this morning but will do this in a few days when I put up my next post. Sounds like a great idea.

  2. A good idea they don't do this over here, enjoyed the post.


  3. Thanks AS! I thought this was a really worthwhile endeavor - so I didn't really mind tagging in this case... I'm glad you did it! :)

  4. Melli,
    I didn't mind the tag this time, either.

  5. Thanks for the tag, it seems like a very worthy task.

  6. Ark Patti, You are a good egg :)