Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beware the handicap symbol

I was visiting my cousin's blog the other day and when I started to post there were those crazy letters to type in so that it can make sure you aren't a bot posting weird stuff about gambling sites or porn sites or what not, but I find it a pita sometimes....I'm waiting on new glasses, ok. Anyway there was this handicap looking symbol like a wheelchair and I thought well, maybe it will give me some biggo letters that would be easy. Well, it doesn't do that. It locked up my computer for a bit then it started speaking random words. Then I flipped out. Maybe, it is something for people who really can't see or something, but it totally freaked me out. I can't see it on where you post on my blog, but in the setup it says I do. I'd never tried that feature before, and don't think I ever will again. If I have it all wrong, please let me know. It is a mystery for now as to what the heck happened and what does it really do. In the meantime proceed with caution with the handicap symbol. I would hyperlink to my cousin's blog, but she might not want to be "outted" yet.

Was up very late last night working on something I hope you guys will enjoy. I'll post it later in the week...more toward Father's Day. Also, if everything works out right we are going to try to go to Houston to visit our daughter for a few days. This week neither of us have anything going on, but starting Saturday we both have wall to wall meetings and picnics and Father's Day and appointments for all of next week and into the next. Then I'll collapse for a bit.


  1. I have never clicked on the handicapped sign. I just learned to copy what I type in case I have to re-paste it two or three times while the letters sort out whether or not I am dyslexic or a bot.

    The letters are, indeed, here on your blog, as is the little handicapped sign which I am NOT clicking.

    Enjoy your crazy week. Find lots to blog about.

  2. I don't think I've ever noticed the handicap sign... but I see it now! You know I have to CLICK it! I just HAVE to! I hope it doesn't lock up my computer... but if it does... I'll be back!

    Okay! I DID click it. I think it is a HELP key for people who can't see the letters? You have to listen through the garble to HEAR the letters you're supposed to type... That's how it seems to me anyway. Very weird. If you're sO blind that you can't see the letters - can you possibly be reading a blog??? *shrug*