Wednesday, June 4, 2008

day off

Today we went out for lunch at Chili' daughter had given me a gift card for Mother's Day and then to the movies to see "Indiana Jones". I loved the movie and I loved the day with my husband doing just what we wanted to do.

A friend sent me a link to this blog The Daily Coyote which is a very interesting blog with a lot of good common sense in it and some fantastic photography. I noticed on her sidebar a blog called She Just Walks Around With It...Because booty is only skin deep. Well, I couldn't resist that. It is funny and very creative.

Reading those blogs and the ones I like to visit was a great start to a fun day. Wind blew like everything here and is going to continue, also very hot already. Watering will be top on the "to do" list in the morning. I got what I could tonight using the floodlights and the party lights. I think the party lights are going to be permanent. I just love them strung all around and across each other and different sizes, but all clear. Target might have some of the round ones my cousin got for her garden.....and they might be marked down. Wouldn't that be something.

Also, thinking about what might happen around the shed in the next few weeks. Something nice and something that doesn't require a lot of water. Maybe just cleaning up around it...and getting the open bags of gravel that are in front over to where they need to be. It will never be a Mark Twain shed, but it can be better. I'm thinking of a stash of bricks that don't need to be in the front yard where they are not seen...yeah...that's an idea. This shed thing is becoming a thing in our life. He has something else cool this morning.


  1. Very hot here and we do not have any air..Ours finally gave out during the hottest part of the summer so far that is!! Tomorrow we are having a new one put honey!!
    You sound busy. We went to see Indy too and loved it!! I am so glad he could do ONE more..wonder if his son is going to be the NEW young indy??

  2. Ahhhhh! The Shed takes on a life of it's own! LOL! I need a picture of the party lites - in the dark - and lit! Your wind is pushing MEGA STORMS in my direction! We had some WICKED ones last night! I was lovin' life!

    .... keepin' my eye on that shed!