Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This was taken very early last spring when we had a snap cold front
with snow....guess I should have not done WW with this at this
time of year. It has been SO HOT the past few days,
and it is just the beginning for us.


  1. Brrrr -- I hope you didn't just snap this!

    I have put up a photo of OC. Go see. :)

  2. Oh how lovely!

    I was in a bit of snow last week, while I was over in Yellowstone. I can still see quite a bit of snow from my house, but it is up on the tops of the Tetons.

    Luckily it is up there and I am down here, hehe.

  3. That makes me chilly just looking at it... Was this recent? Quite a contrast to the weather in Cali (where i'm stuck attending to business for a bit) its down right blazing here. At least for this Hawaii guy, no tradewinds, dry as a bone and pushing into the 90s. Thanks for the comment and kind words. :-) You've got a great blog here too.

  4. Cool shot - no pun intended. I am sure this was taken sometime ago...