Monday, June 30, 2008

Things that make my heart happy

The Merry Little Flower Garden Next to the Driveway

This is the flowerbed just next to the driveway. It used to be all grass with the lantana, some holly, and the nandinas in a much smaller flowerbed. After the driveway was poured and the forms removed it just made a nice size flowerbed. It used to be so plain and now I just love to look at it. And here is hubby's hibiscus....his favorite flower. We usually have one in a pot by the pool, but this year we just went wild and planted it in the ground like we had sense. It is an annual, but it makes him so happy to see it bloom. His grandparents lived in South Texas, known hereabouts as The Valley. So any kind of tropical plant reminds him of very happy times with them.

just to make you crazy to make one

Peach cobbler just the way it should be. Here is the cobbler from the last of the peaches. It was/is so tasty. It is made from peaches, sugar and spices. The crust is from a ready mix that sounds like Mixit Quick, but it called for some grated lemon peel and I added some of that brown granulated sugar over the top.

And here is the warm cobbler with ice cream on it, all melty and good....and this is even the peach ice cream on the peach cobbler. That is the ultimate decadence. Oh was so good. The recipe for the ice cream is below a few days ago.

These are some things that made my heart happy and in moderation probably won't hurt it too much. Didn't make my waist all that happy though. Maybe, I should have called this Weight Watchers can wait....but not long. And especially after I get the test results for my physical. aie aie aie

I promise to work on the picture issues and the weight problems tomorrow. There truly are many more things that make my heart happy...these are just a very tiny fraction of them.

While the uploading of these pictures wasn't bad I need to figure out why they didn't all upload. It worked pretty much like it should and had been working. hmmm. And apparently my luck is better with the least for a little while tonight. Melli, I'll post the pictures of the curtains tomorrow. Something happened while they were uploading and they didn't make it.

Garden Spells bySarah Addison-Allen
looks like it will make my heart very happy right after I finish reading some other books.
Note to Pyewacketcat...I think you will like this, too and they have the audiotape, etc.


  1. Did I post a photo of the banana ceam pie to make anyone jealous or test their will? No, I did not! But you keep posting that cobbler and ice cream over and over and over again and I am going nuts. Peaches won't grow on this island.

    Believe it or not, it doesn't get cold enough here to grow peaches. YEp, I said cold enough. The trees need a cold spell to "reset" them so they know when to blossom and start producing fruit.

    However, I am surrounded by -- literally -- thousands of hibiscus flowers every day.

  2. We have 4 peach trees in our yard. I would really love your recipe for cobbler!

  3. My grandmother lived in Harlingen so she always had hibiscus blooming in her garden too. Good thing there isn't smells to go with that picture. Stop by and check out my gorgeous family. We had a family portrait taken before my Canadians left.

  4. Ohhhhh my! That cobbler is killing me! I could probably get away without the icecream... well maybe... but warm cobbler!? Ugh!

    I love hibiscus too... they are sO darned expensive around here though. They actually do not HAVE to be annuals - if you have a good place to winter them. I would THINK that TEXAS would be a good place -- but I know you sometimes get snow... so that's no good. I won't bring them IN because ants just love them. I used to keep some on the deck... but after tossing them away so many years in a row, I finally gave up! They are gorgeous though!