Tuesday, June 17, 2008

task day

Ahh...this morning I woke very early apparently looking forward to my appointments. Must not have had enough "important" stuff to tend to lately. The first was with the dermotologist and my doc's office had given me an old address for them. It is almost horrifying to methinking I might be late..... I finally tried to call and the lines were all busy. Sheesh! Finally I spotted it and skidded into the office with three minutes to spare...then I sat and filled out forms and sat and sat and finally got out 2 hours later. The good news is there wasn't a return of the actinic keratosis (a precancerous thing) on my lip that was removed last year. Got an all over check and came up cool, except for a tiny little thing that needed to be taken off my nose. We are going to a dinner/meeting tomorrow night and the PA assured me makeup would cover it. I guess...last year at another dermo's office the PA argued with me that I had a cancer on my nose....even though I was steady telling her it was a zit from being very stressed at my job the day before. This went on the next time I was there two weeks later and I finally told her to take my makeup off and tell me if it was serious. She fixed my zit and got me out of there. I haven't been back to that office, but the girls in the one today really enjoyed that story.

On my way home, I stopped to pick up the new lenses for my glasses and while they were cutting them to fit my frames, I walked over to the Ross store. Hubby was not a happy dude when I got home with my treasures, but they did have some good deals. The lenses are better than any I've had in a long time and I can see really well...in fact can see a lot of dust and clutter, etc. Got some of it straightened out a bit ago and the dishes in the dishwasher.

Oh yes....we went to Wal-Mart this afternoon and I scored the over the counter antihistimine eye drops the optometrist had advised me to get for $4 less than they had them at another store and the hyrocortisone cream the dermo gave me a rx for was on their $4 formulary. That was very satisfactory indeed. The $s saved can go toward something I really want and probably could be put toward the cost of the very fine sheets purchased while waiting for the lenses to go into the frames I didn't have to buy. The frames I have were shockingly expensive when I bought them 2 years ago and they are still in style, so new frames weren't needed. One can find so many ways to cut corners in these days of dreary gasoline prices taking the fun out of shopping. I'll be so glad when my rental property gets a new tenant. *note to self to start cracking whips or something with realtor*

So the good news thus far in the whole scheme of the yearly physical is that so far there is no big C returns. I go for the dreaded mammogram Thursday followed by another bone density test. My doc likes to get all the tests before he actually does the physical.

Oh yes....the PA and her assistant told me my skin is in wonderful shape and they were astounded at my age. HA! However, one of them had come into my exam room earlier to get some Botox to take to another room. It was two bottles...I could only imagine what was going on in there. I have strong views about Botox...at this point in my life...I don't want anything associated with clostridium botulinum to be put into my body. I know there is a difference, but I want nothing to do with it. Now that Restylane thing...that might be another story. Alas, you know about how vain I can be. I told the PAs my skin looked pretty good because I'm fat. It fills it all out and makes it all look better up at face level. Just don't look down or too close.

We may get a little rain tonight...not as good chances as they thought earlier, but it cooled off a little. Maybe a little rain in the morning to make things perfect...well, for us. No mention of rain in the Mid-West would be welcome at all for a very long time. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this very terrible time. It just goes on and on for them....bless their hearts...and I really mean that.


  1. I am glad to hear that you are in good health. I'm especially glad you are no longer seeing the doctor who can't tell a zit from skin cancer.

  2. Oh my gosh! If zits look like skin cancer... I might be in big trouble! I thought by 50 I'd be over all that... but apparently not. *sigh*

    You've got some great shopping and justifications going on there! The money you saved on the frames I'm sure MORE than covers what you spent at Ross! Right?